We are DTC

The DTC Story

Our strong commitment to long-term client relationships and client profitability has helped our digital marketing agency grow steadily since our beginning. We've developed custom plans for each of our 300+ clients that fit their unique business, industry, audience and company-specific goals. These relationships are central to our work and our core values.

For the best client experience, we utilize a flat hierarchy in which each client works directly with the analyst that is leading their strategy. With this collaborative approach, we're able to work with you as an extension of your team, blending your industry expertise and our digital marketing skills to promote your business online.

Our Values

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    Guide the Way.

    We've been to the top of the mountain, and we're ready to take you there.

    We help define the outcome, navigate obstacles along the way, and help you reach your targets. We believe in transparency as we address both goals and challenges on our journey. We'll provide proactive advice on where to allocate your time & budget (and where not to) to ensure we reach the summit.

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    Be Curious.

    We are life-long learners. We test things. We try different approaches. We seek to understand each other and be understood.

    We don’t settle for surface level explanations or best practices, but rather dig deeper to uncover better understanding. We are committed to being adaptable and egoless to find the best path forward.

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    Be Resilient.

    We are problem solvers. We know difficult situations will arise, that mistakes may happen, and we address them proactively. We hold ourselves accountable for finding creative solutions by using our individual expertise paired with our collective experiences.

    We don’t shrink away from a challenge – in fact, we relish the opportunity to tackle something new and continuously improve.

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    Be Collaborative.

    We believe relationships matter, and know that we are better together.

    Whether we’re creating a campaign or solving a problem, we know that there are humans on each side whose opinions matter. We operate as a team, and as an extension of our clients' teams, learning from and utilizing each other’s insights and expertise.

    We share knowledge and feedback freely and learn from each other. We believe in honest communication and have a genuine interest in supporting each other and our clients to earn and celebrate shared successes.

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    Sweep the Floors.

    We believe that everybody should be willing to sweep the floors from time to time because that is what needs to be done. There is no job above or below us.

Bragging Rights

A Best & Brightest
Company to Work For

We are thrilled to be in the esteemed company of some of the nation's most incredible businesses as part of the Best & Brightest Companies to Work For. The award honors companies who are committed to building a better business and dedicated to growing a stronger community.

Many thanks to the clients, partners and team members that we've worked with over the years. We are very proud of the work we have created and the goals we have achieved for our clients.

Our Mission

Making a measurable difference for our clients & our city.