Alec Maes

Alec Maes

Hello! I utilize over 6 years of experience in Paid Media and agency life to help clients approach their goals with a full-stack approach to their marketing solutions. Through collaboration and an understanding of what a client’s goals are, I help leverage data and awareness to achieve client goals.

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How I Spend My Free Time

As a PNW native, I enjoy being outdoors with my wife and two kids. During the other nine months of rain, you can find me golfing, skateboarding, playing Dungeons & Dragons, playing Magic: The Gathering with my oldest son, or reading to my youngest son. We also have an audacious 2-year-old Chi-weenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix) named Winston Bishop who has a deeper bark than he looks.

Paid media is what I call the alchemy of marketing. I love using science and a little magic to help businesses reach their customers in their day-to-day lives. Learning about a client’s business or market and how I can help users connect with them keeps my mind fresh.

Fun Facts About Me

Before moving over to paid media, I was a licensed HVAC Technician servicing the greater Puget Sound area for 3 years.

In my spare time, I picked up paid media and digital marketing skills after deciding that working with high-voltage electricity in the rain wasn’t for me anymore.

However, I now have a biased opinion about heat-pumps and why servicing them is the worst.