Allison Hadley

Allison Hadley

A former academic and freelance journalist, Allison has always been fascinated by storytelling and narrative framing. Studying Machiavelli’s works and particularly his theories of public perception for her dissertation, she then left academia and pivoted to working in nonprofits, mostly in marketing departments as a copywriter. She started working in traditional PR in 2019 doing book PR for authors and thought leaders. From there, she went on to run all communications for an arts festival including both traditional PR as well as email and digital communications and maintained a healthy freelance journalism practice on the side. She brings her nose not just for news but also for tapping into current societal trends by examining not just what the media talks about- but also how.

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How I Spend My Free Time

I’m an avid cook and longtime bartender, so I’m always tinkering in the kitchen. I’m also a music lover- you can find me at local concerts or rummaging for new sounds at the local record shop. I also love a good book, travel, beaches, and combinations thereof.

As a content strategist, I can bring my love of storytelling to the front and combine it with creative, newsworthy content. I live for finding fresh angles and new approaches to stories!

Fun Facts About Me

I’m fluent in Italian and used to live in Siena, Italy.

I play banjo and have gone on several “pilgrimage” road trips to the Appalachian south to hear the music!

I enjoy making my own cocktail bitters!

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