Allison Hadley

Allison Hadley

As a content strategist, I can bring my love of storytelling to the front and combine it with creative, newsworthy content. I live for finding fresh angles and new approaches to stories!

How I Spend My Free Time

I’m an avid cook and longtime bartender, so I’m always tinkering in the kitchen. I’m also a music lover- you can find me at local concerts or rummaging for new sounds at the local record shop. I also love a good book, travel, beaches, and combinations thereof.

As a former academic, I’ve always loved the power and potential of storytelling to change how we look at things. Finding the right way to frame a story is a problem I always love solving.

Fun Facts About Me

I’m fluent in Italian and used to live in Siena, Italy.

I play banjo and have gone on several “pilgrimage” road trips to the Appalachian south to hear the music!

I enjoy making my own cocktail bitters!