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Andy Kerns

As Creative Director, I work with our team to develop highly-shareable content for our clients. We study what interests people, what they share, then we pair that data with some wicked instinct and get to work. When we’re successful (often), our clients earn links from big, important websites. Those links then make Google look at our clients like they’re Ryan Gosling in a v-neck holding puppies at a charity event. 

What do you do when you're not at DTC?

Beyond work, I like to practice yoga, go bonkers at concerts and spend time with my lover. I also tell stories and lead really intense guided visualizations that make people cry or fall asleep (and little in between).

Favorite things about Chicago?

I love Chicago, I’ve spent a good chunk of my life here. I love it for many of the same reasons other people love it, and also for this reason: scientists anticipate apocalyptic fresh water shortages over the next century and we Chicagoans are nestled up to the teat of the world’s largest body of fresh water (the Great Lakes system). Your move NYC/LA.

  • What I love about our work at DTC is that thinking outside the box isn’t something we pay lip service to or an occasional tack we take when the status quo feels status quo-y. Thinking outside the box is a daily requirement.