Chris Veneziale

Chris Veneziale

I aim to help clients meet their business goals and objectives by using data to create strategies to help improve their online search visibility. My objective is to generate tangible results that positively impact clients’ bottom line.

How I Spend My Free Time

My wife and I love taking day trips and going for hikes with our dog. We have also started taking Salsa and Bachata lessons and try to spend as much time as we can with friends and family. I have a background in music so I try to see bands live when I can, and I play guitar in a local band in Philadelphia.

Each client has different goals and challenges that present an opportunity to learn something new. SEO is a field that’s always changing and it’s fun to help others navigate through it and better understand it.

Fun Facts About Me

I took classical piano lessons for years as a kid. Since pianos aren’t portable (and because I was too young to appreciate classical music), I stopped taking lessons and taught myself how to play guitar instead so I could play anywhere.

I love to cook. Family members always want to know when they are getting invited over for dinner.

My wife and I plan on retiring abroad, though we are not yet sure of the location.