Curtis Weigel

Curtis Weigel

As SEO Analyst, I assist our SEO account managers in identifying and implementing strategies to increase our clients’ success via organic traffic. Whether it’s looking at ways to enhance existing websites or helping develop completely new strategies, I’m always looking to put our clients in the best position to achieve their goals.

Fun Facts About Me

I was born in Germany. It was technically on US soil, so I can still be president. Don’t worry!

I like broccoli, but not in pasta.

My right middle finger is one-half-inch shorter than my left due to a fracture when I was a kid.

I once won the “Hustle Award” at a youth basketball camp. Looking back, that seems like a bit of a participation trophy.

Curtis in San Francisco

I get to combine analytical processes with creative thinking. The best of both worlds!

What I Love About Chicago

Other than the weather? I like the great food, the architecture, the parks and conservatories, and the entertainment and cultural opportunities – museums, amazing concerts, etc. There’s always something to do here, and there are also a lot of great places to do nothing…if that’s what you’re in the mood for.