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George Zlatin

As Director of Operations, I manage the day to day operations of the company, the SEO/Content team, HR for all employees, DTC's own marketing efforts and I even plunge the toilet from time to time.

Above all else, I make sure that our clients are getting value out of our services and that our company’s service offerings are timely, professional and up to date with ongoing changes in our industry.

3 facts most people don't know about me

I was born in Russia and I moved to NYC when I was 3 years old. I grew up in NYC and moved to Chicago in 2004. 

I worked at CBGB (The famous underground rock club) all throughout college. 

I once appeared on the Oprah show with Caesar Milan because my dog was ruining my sex life, and I had a short stint driving famous rappers such as Ludacris, R Kelly, DMX, Ja Rule and Redman in NYC. I feel like I have lived many different lives.

  • I started an eCommerce business in 2004 and fell in love with the search engine marketing side of it. I landed a position in a local agency called Local Launch where I learned the ins and outs of SEO from some of the leading minds in the industry. The rest was history.