George Zlatin

George Zlatin

George Zlatin, co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Digital Third Coast, brings over 20 years of SEO expertise, enthusiasm, and curiosity to DTC. Since co-founding DTC in 2007, George has led the SEO team to make a measurable difference for countless clients.

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Starting his career in sales in 2002, he pivoted to SEO in 2005 and went on to co-found DTC along with Taylor Cimala in 2007. Team lead for the SEO team, George brings an enthusiasm for new technology and commitment to problem solving for every client he works with. George’s attention to detail and SEO expertise has helped grow the agency since 2007.

George’s leadership has made DTC one of the Best & Brightest Places to Work in Chicago and nationally for several years running.

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Baruch College 2001

Fun Facts About Me

I was born in Russia and I moved to NYC when I was three years old. I grew up in NYC and moved to Chicago in 2004.

I worked at CBGB (the famous underground rock club) all throughout college.

I once appeared on the Oprah show with Caesar Milan because my dog was ruining my sex life.

I had a short stint driving famous rappers such as Ludacris, R. Kelly, DMX, Ja Rule and Redman in NYC. I feel like I have lived many different lives.

George as a child

I love keeping up with new tactics, strategies and developing as a marketer. Things never get stale because they’re always changing.

George with his kids.

How I Spend My Free Time

I have a wife and two kids that I love to spend time with when I’m not at work. To stay active, I like to play basketball and workout every now and then. With any spare time I have left, I like to play guitar, listen to music, cook, and travel the world. Believe it or not, I also like to read about digital marketing when I’m not at work… I know, bad habit.

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