Gretchen Andsager

Gretchen Andsager

With my background in journalism, I have a good eye for creating digital PR campaigns deserving of news coverage. My news experience led me to report on everything from serious stories to fluffy pieces. Because of that, I am an incredibly strong writer who can bring any topic to life.

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How I Spend My Free Time

I am part of an ultimate frisbee group that plays year-round (Chicago winters have nothing on us!). I also sing and would love to someday write songs like Taylor Swift. Most importantly, I am a self-proclaimed cat lady. A good day = tea, my cat, and a book.

As a Content Strategist, I get to turn all my creative ideas into reality to help drum up recognition for our clients. In a way, it’s like creating news, which is nice since I came from the TV news world!

Fun Facts About Me

The best class I ever took was surfing. It was for my PE credit at Pepperdine University, and I loved every moment of it. In 2017 I decided to run a half marathon and said I’d never do it again. A few years later I ran another one (lesson learned: never say never). I also recently attempted ice climbing because why not?

My brother and I are no longer allowed to quote Pirates of the Caribbean when it’s playing because we know too many of the lines.

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