Nathan Pabich

Nathan Pabich

With over 17 years of experience and tens of millions managed in paid media, I lead the team at DTC with a focus on results-driven marketing solutions. My creative problem-solving approach and critical thinking skills help me identify incremental optimization opportunities and execute campaigns with precision, delivering outstanding outcomes for my clients.

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Something most people don’t know about me

I had the opportunity to study in Oxford, England for my undergrad. I studied linguistics, Derrida, and a survey of western cannon philosophy.

While there, I worked at a burger shop, Peppers, on Walton street. The experience made the cultural experience come full circle. While there, I abandoned my 9 years of vegetarianism, though I’ve been flirting with going back.

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Favorite things about Chicago?

I love the ease of access to major cultural events and exquisite cuisine. I love the multicultural aspects of Chicago, the Midwestern hospitality I’m such a bi-product of, the proximity to the majority of my family (both parents born and raised in Chicago), and the ability to drive a couple short hours and be transplanted to a completely different world.

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