Nathan Pabich

Nathan Pabich

At root, I’m a creative problem solver. I critically think about marketing challenges in digital channels to help businesses reach their goals. While focused in digital, I like to think broadly about the impact we produce; our customers don’t think about their buyers journeys in terms of channels, so we shouldn’t confine ourselves this way in our thinking and analysis.

Something most people don’t know about me

I had the opportunity to study in Oxford, England for my undergrad. I studied linguistics, Derrida, and a survey of western cannon philosophy.

While there, I worked at a burger shop, Peppers, on Walton street. The experience made the cultural experience come full circle. While there, I abandoned my 9 years of vegetarianism, though I’ve been flirting with going back.

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Favorite things about Chicago?

I love the ease of access to major cultural events and exquisite cuisine. I love the multicultural aspects of Chicago, the Midwestern hospitality I’m such a bi-product of, the proximity to the majority of my family (both parents born and raised in Chicago), and the ability to drive a couple short hours and be transplanted to a completely different world.