Sean Kaku

Sean Kaku

I love to analyze data and as a Paid Media Analyst, I use my skills to help businesses grow and succeed. I’ll be collaborating with clients, breaking down data, and turning data into an actionable plan.

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How I Spend My Free Time

A lot of my free time right now is currently spent playing soccer in local leagues with my friends.

Outside of soccer I do play video games occasionally and picked up the possibly dangerous hobby of collecting sports cards as I have always been a fan of every sport in some way.

When I am not wasting my money on sports cards I go out to eat with my friends at any kind of local restaurant.

Sean Kaku
Sean Kaku

Digital marketing is a great way for me to combine parts of my life that I enjoy. Data analysis and creativity allow me to think outside the box while still making sense of why things work and I can combine these two aspects to help smaller businesses continue to grow.

Soccer team

Fun Facts About Me

Both of my parents are from Japan, but I was born in Virginia. During Middle School, I got the opportunity to live in Japan for two years. This was an exciting time and I got to experience so much of the culture and see what it was like to grow up in another country. My favorite part from when I was living in Japan was the food. I cannot get enough of it and always go back to visit for that and my family.

Food bowl