Taylor Cimala

Taylor Cimala

As one of the co-founders of DTC, I have a widespread role across all departments. On a typical day, I’ll find myself working on finance, forecasting, utilization & capacity planning, business development, IT, and marketing. The largest part of my role focuses on the numbers behind how our processes and services evolve over time to keep us running as a happy and healthy agency!

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Fun Facts About Me

I’ve been on two episodes of Food Paradise on The Travel Channel – Sandwich Paradise 2 and Sausage Paradise.

I was the 2016 Illinois state disc golf champion and have played tournaments in 13 states and 2 countries.

My favorite place to be is my cabin in Michigan that has no running water or electricity.

I love being able to work in new markets and being exposed to how businesses run in industries I am unfamiliar with. Most of all, I love having a talented team of savvy marketers that are able to make great impacts on the organizations we work with.

How I Spend My Free Time

My biggest passion is disc golf. I’ve been playing for almost 20 years and have been playing professionally since 2010. This mixes well with my love for travel as tournaments have brought me throughout the US and even to Japan. Most of my time out of work you’ll find me with my wife, Jen, and our two kids, Eloise and Henry.

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