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Tricia Harte

As Outreach Manager, I work to find the perfect placements for our clients’ content campaigns. With more than five years of experience working as a local television reporter, I know the ins and outs of newsrooms. I’m able to translate that background into pitches that resonate with local news outlets and national publications across the country. 

My main goal is to make sure we’re hitting the right note with the journalists we form relationships with every day!

3 facts most people don't know about me

I can sing (yes, sing) all the countries of the world…At least the ones that were written into the 1993 Animaniacs song.

I’ve jumped into not one, but two freezing cold bodies of water on live television when I was a T.V. reporter. On one of those occasions, I wore a tiara and pink feather boa.

I was gifted an official Secret Service pin by a presidential primary candidate’s detail while interning for CBS News in Washington D.C. I have never worn it because I was told it was a federal offense and I could be arrested for impersonating an agent. Not sure how true it is, but I don’t want to find out.

What do you do when you're not at DTC?

When I’m not working at DTC you can find me running along the lakefront or taking my new bike for a spin outside. Then afterwards there’s a decent chance I’m cooking or baking something to balance it all out.