Tricia Miller (Harte)

Tricia Harte

With a journalism background from a top-30 media market, I entered the digital PR world with a deep understanding of what journalists want to cover. Since 2018, I’ve helped shape DTC’s digital PR content creation and outreach strategies to earn inbound media coverage for our clients. Whether it’s an inbound mention in nationally renown outlets or full articles in niche industry publications, I love helping tailor content that blends client’s digital PR goals with linkable topics.

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How I Spend My Free Time

Before and after work you’ll most likely find me teaching a spin class or going for a walk with my daughter, Madeline. I’m an early riser and incredibly competitive, so exercise is my jam. I am also a BIG true crime fan (really big). In my free time, I’m usually watching Dateline, the news, documentaries about murder, or listening to some type of criminally-focused podcast. Just ask my coworkers – it’s all I talk about!

At DTC, the digital PR engine is firing on all cylinders — my role is to make sure the engine stays fueled, the team stays motivated and inspired, and our content makes it to it’s final destination (online with some fantastic linking media coverage).

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Fun Facts About Me

I have jumped into not one, but two, frozen bodies of water on live television.

I can sing all the countries of the world (thank you Animaniacs).

My husband and I are working on cataloging all the recipes we devised during quarantine to make our own family cookbook!

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