Virginia Marion Bullard

Virginia Marion Bullard

Virginia Marion Bullard is an experienced project manager and problem solver and has served as Digital Third Coast’s Agency Traffic Manager since 2023. She ensures cross-team coordination and higher efficiency agency wide.

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From providing critical care as an EMT to mastering the art of communication with a degree in public relations from the University of Florida, her career has been a journey dedicated to her deep-seated commitment to helping others. Now, as an Agency Traffic Manager, she continues this mission by leveraging her innate problem-solving skills and dedication to improvement, ultimately contributing to the company’s success through proactive problem-solving and optimization.

She has helped oversee implementation of agency-wide organizational systems as well as plans agency-wide events and summits.

Project Management
Event Organizing
Internal Systems Optimization

University of Florida 2020

How I Spend My Free Time

I am incredibly passionate about three things: Music, video games, and napping!


I believe my empathy is a superpower — when matched with a tenacious nature and love for learning it makes it possible to solve challenges in ways that can make people genuinely happy!


Fun Facts About Me

• I’m obsessed with k-rap
• I used to be an EMT
• I have a deep love for self-growth
• My best friends are an 8-year-old girl known as Iggy and a 15-year-old cat known as Triscuit
• I love going to basketball games with my brother