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SEO + Content Case Study
Digital PR Increases Organic Traffic, Keyword Rankings
Series of data-driven content campaigns earn C+R Research significant national and local media coverage, resulting in a 103% increase in web traffic and a 74% increase in Page 1 keyword rankings.

media placements
new organic visitors, annually
increase in Page 1 Keywords
Digital Third Coast and C+R Research
For more than 50 years, industry leaders at C+R Research have helped brands grow their business through market research.
Digital Third Coast is a digital marketing agency specializing in content marketing, SEO and paid media. Digital Third Coast works with companies to execute digital PR strategies to amplify their online presence and increase website authority .
Increase organic traffic to C+R's website and improve competitive keyword rankings through a series of content campaigns and targeted on-page optimization.

To boost keyword rankings and increase web traffic, we needed to boost C+R's website authority. We produced four content campaigns based on subjects that reflect our expertise and are attractive to the media; three campaigns focused on the growing craft beer industry, the fourth analyzed brand preferences on U.S. college campuses. Our outreach team targeted both national and local media outlets to secure placements that built C+R's website backlink profile, with the ultimate goal of improving the website's authority and visibility.

From July 2018 to June 2019, we increased organic web traffic to C+R’s website by 103%, and we increased the number of targeted keywords ranking on the first page of Google by 74%. As a result, total impressions were also boosted 121%.

SEO Outcomes
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Organic Web Traffic
June '17 - June '18  vs.  June '18 - June '19
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C+R Reseach Backlink Profile
Media Coverage
unique backlinks
high authority placements
social shares
national media
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Media Strategy Targets National & Local Publications,
Earns 200+ Placements
How It Works:
The content created for each campaign was designed to appeal to national and local outlets, writers and editors. We analyzed data and commissioned surveys in order to produce narratives that highlight national and local trends alike. We enjoyed particular success in local media markets as our outreach team offered local data points to a variety of media personnel in television, radio, and newspapers.
local news placements


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Placement Analysis:
Roughly one-third (31%) of the 187 total backlinks earned across the four campaigns are considered “high authority.” Websites with domain authorities greater than 70 are considered especially valuable and hard to earn links from.

With a significant backlink profile of high authority websites, these placements pass along greater value and authority to C+R Research’s website.

Our outreach efforts resulted in placements in 29 states, 55 cities, and 66 national publications and websites. In addition to earned, organic and syndicated media coverage, C+R's brand name and research were mentioned an additional 35 times.
Media Placement Distribution
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Domain Authority of Publications & Placements

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