6 Tips for an SEO Friendly Press Release

A press release is a powerful way to communicate your company’s news and events. By crafting your press release in an SEO-friendly way, you can make sure that it functions as a companion to your SEO efforts as well. A smart press release strategy can help you get extra links indexed and counted by major search engines. In other words, your press release can help provide quality, keyword-rich links to your site–if you write them properly.

With just a little extra effort, you can get twice the bang for your (press release) buck. Here are six simple tips that can help you achieve this goal.

1. Optimize the first 250 words

Make sure you are getting to the meat of your message within the first 250 words of your press release.

There are two reasons for this: first, it’s important to have the relevant content up front, because this will make it easier for search engine algorithms to understand your press release. Additionally, you want to make sure you are providing the (human) readers with relevant information off the top to keep them interested, engaged, and reading the entire release.

2. Create a buzz-worthy title

Titles can make or break your press release. Buzzworthy, catchy titles help garner interest and clicks to your page.

Not only can titles help with initial traffic generation, but they can be extremely helpful when starting distribution. Sharing a press release with a catchy title to the right sources and audiences can skyrocket your reach!

3. Hyperlink and bold important SEO keywords and phrases

By including important phrases in your anchor text, you provide pertinent links relating to your main keywords to help your SEO efforts. Consider adding links to pages like:

  • Your about page
  • Your service pages
  • If the PR is in reference to another company, link to their website

4. Use hyperlinks appropriately

One common mistake over-linking. It’s good practice to make the first instance or two of your keywords a link, don’t go overboard. Doing so will only make your release hard to read. Even worse, search engines will see this as spam and might ignore your efforts altogether. In extreme cases, the engines might even penalize your site.

Google’s John Mueller had this to say on press release links back in 2018:

“We try to ignore links from things like press releases because we know in general companies put the press releases out themselves so any links in there are essentially placed by themselves…”

While this might look like a red flag to remove links from press releases altogether, this should only be a notice to be extremely careful with your links in press releases. As mentioned above, over-linking can saturate your PR and ultimately make your release look like a game for links.

Be purposeful when adding links to press releases.

5. Make sure your topic is newsworthy

This part can get a little tricky – what qualifies as ‘newsworthy‘, anyway? The answer, of course, depends on the audience. This is where you need to keep the end user in mind and maintain their interest.

Here are a few topics to consider when writing an effective SEO-friendly press release:

  • Achievements by company or personnel
  • Information resources
  • Special events
  • Charitable donations
  • Awards won/given
  • Giveaways or promotions
  • New product/service
  • Improvements or expansion of products/services
  • Organization/staff changes

6. Off-site contact and links

At the end of your press release, be sure to provide your company and contact information (and links where appropriate).

Keep in mind that some sites displaying your press release may not allow this, but it’s good to provide this information as many sites will point these links back to your site.

Bonus Tips and Considerations

  • Use a variety of keywords
    • If press releases are something that you plan to use often, consider using a variety of keywords and switching them often. In SEO, keyword and link diversity can be nearly as important as earning links in the first place.
  • Create an online press room
    • Because a single press release can only hold a limited amount of information, it’s a good idea to create an “online press room” on your website.  This page should list your media contact with an email address and direct phone number, contain a high-resolution logo of your company in various formats (.jpeg, .psd, .cdr, etc.) as well as high-resolution photos of key people in your organization.
    • This page should also include links to important products, case studies, client comments, press releases, and media coverage.
    • Link to your online press room in your press releases.

By using these tips as a guideline for your press releases, you should receive a strong boost for your current SEO efforts. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies to see what works best for you. Continuing to experiment with your results will help you fine-tune your press releases and SEO along with your company’s image as a whole.

Final Word

These tips should help you on your way to creating great SEO-friendly press releases for your company. Remember, put the reader first when optimizing them. Don’t go overboard with links and optimizations and always keep your messaging clear! If you’re struggling with creating PR to reach large audiences, reach out to us to learn how we can help!

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