7 Firefox Productivity Hacks

I use both Chrome and Firefox in my day-to-day, but Firefox is still my main browser just because I have not found replacements for all of the add-ons in Chrome. A lot of search professionals spend a great deal of time on their computer, and a good portion of that time is spent in a browser. Any little things that can speed up a task can really make a difference over the course of a day. Here is a list of some of my favorite productivity add-ons and what I typically use them for. Whether you’re in marketing or just spend a lot of time online, you can use these extensions to improve the quality of life of your browsing habits and get more done in less time.

1. Gcache+

This is a simple plugin that allows you to see the latest Google cache page for any page you’re currently visiting. It’s great for making sure your page is cached in Google. Download – (Firefox Only)  

2. Download Statusbar

This is a helpful add-on to replace the download window and put all your downloads at the bottom of the screen like it is in Chrome. I never really liked the disjointed feeling of the download window and was glad to find this add-on to fix it. Download  

3. Last Pass

This is my favorite password manager. It really does a great job of allowing you to remember multiple passwords for all of your favorite tools, and you can also fill out forms and make as many different profiles as you need. It also syncs across your browsers so you don’t have to worry if you switch between Firefox and Chrome like I do. Download – (Chrome Extension)  

4. Lazarus

This is a great tool to save your sanity on forms. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent a fair amount of time filling out a form, then on submission, it encounters some sort of error and you lose all the progress and have to take time to do it over again. Well, this works to help eliminate that need. It saves form info and you can right-click inside a form and hover over your recent form submissions and pick the right one. Download – (Also Available For Chrome/Safari)  

5. MozBar

This is a great way to see initial metrics on whatever site you are visiting. The MozBar is not really a secret for digital marketers, but it deserves to be on the list. Download

6. Tab Mix Plus

This has a lot of great upgrades that the tabs in Firefox should have built in. On this list are undo closed tabs and windows, duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, and many others. Keeping tabs on your tabs can keep you just that little bit more sane at the end of the day. Download  

7. UrlbarExt

This is a great timesaver. It lives on the edge of the URL bar. It has a ton of features; I use it mostly for copying and it has a button that can go up a URL folder level, and if you double click it will take you all the way to the domain. However, there is also a URL shortener, and several other timesavers built in. Download  

Bonus! 8. Take A Break

This isn’t a direct timesaver, but I think over the course of a day or week if you get up periodically to stretch and take a walk, you’ll feel a lot better. I know I can get dialed into a project and the next thing I know I’ve been staring at the screen for 2 hours. Download  

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