Cartoon of the Week: Link Building Through the Ages

link building over time

Link building has meant a lot of different things throughout time. Whether it was links in a DNA chain, chain links that hold up a drawbridge, or even Mr. T’s gold chains around his neck, links have always been important. And when the internet came along, links got a whole new value. In the dark ages of internet marketing, links were abused and spammed and stuffed. As we have come into a golden age of information on the Internet, search engines have become smarter and stricter in order to get a better set of results for its users. If we’re going to continue to evolve our links, it’s time to change out link building strategies. Instead of getting the attention of the search engines in order to reach people, try finding social influencers instead. Then, the search traffic will blossom that way instead. Taking the initiative to blaze new trails will lead to a smarter and more trustworthy web- well, at least a little. Not being afraid of touching people instead of the search engines can lead to some great connections and real qualified traffic. Why It’s Important: Link building is still a major factor in getting websites to rank in the search engines today. The link building strategies and focus have shifted many times over the last 15 years or so and will probably continue to do so. This is why the internet marketer is an adaptable creature. The most important thing to know is that making great content and promoting it to humans can be a great way for your content to be shared across the internet.