Digital Third Coast’s 2014: By the Numbers

Lots happened in 2014. Outkast got back together, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took over the Internet, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West become united in holy matrimony, and the royal couple met a couple of tourists from London while at a basketball game. Big year, that’s for sure.

Here at DTC, we’ve had a lot happen as well. We’ve welcomed new employees and said goodbye to a few. We’ve celebrated births and suffered devastating losses at the shuffleboard table. We’ve even brought back Crockpot Tuesdays, because we all know that well-fed employees are happy employees.

But our biggest achievements of the year are the measurable results we’ve delivered for our clients. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to this year- think of it as our holiday card to you.

DTC  by the numbers 2014 holiday infographic This year, we made a measurable difference for our clients by generating over 13 million website views for them- the equivalent of everyone in Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Kansas each viewing once.

Out of these 13 million views, nearly 2.5 million came from mobile, with 1.8 million total conversions from mobile. These 13 million views came from a combination of organic, direct, referral, and pay-per-click traffic.

Five million views came from organic traffic, and direct traffic (traffic that gets to your site by someone typing your URL or clicking a bookmark) took second place, with 4.9 million views.

Referral traffic, from an inbound link or social activity, accounted for 2.1 million views, and finally, pay-per-click traffic (traffic driven by a paid advertising channel that charges each time an ad is clicked by a customer) gave our clients over one million views.

Our clients got the most traffic from Illinoisians thanks to our local SEO efforts; nearly 2.6 million people from Illinois visited one of our clients’ sites, or, put another way, one out of every five people in Illinois (the fifth most popular state in the US) went to one of our clients’ websites.

California was next, with 744,889 visits (or one out of every 50 Californians), followed by New York (505,261 visits, or one out of every 38 New Yorkers) and Kansas (473,916 visits, or one out of every six Kansans). Plus, 18% of the traffic we drove came from mobile devices, with most coming from an Apple product (iPhone, iPad, or iPod, in order of most traffic to least traffic). DTC also took on more content projects than ever in 2014.

We created four animated/interactive graphics, five on-site guide, and six e-books for clients. We also got into video in a big way this year by producing 23 videos for clients and experimenting with our own video production. Finally, our graphic design team created 80 visually stunning infographics for our clients to present data and information in unique, compelling ways. We love our clients, and we love giving them the gift of measurable results throughout the year.

Happy holidays from the team at Digital Third Coast!