Best Examples of Digital PR Campaign Success

Digital Third Coast has been earning high authority inbound links for our clients for over a decade. As a digital PR department, we are constantly in tune with the latest trends. We are also never afraid to think outside the box making creative content campaigns. 

Every year in our Digital PR Media Coverage Report, we reflect on the overarching successes of our news-first link building campaigns in terms of metrics and KPIs. But we wanted to pull the curtain back more to highlight some examples of our most successful digital PR campaigns. 

Here are 20 digital PR examples.    

2023 Digital PR Campaign Examples

Our team launched over 100 content campaigns covering topics ranging from health and wellness to lifestyle trends. Our digital PR campaigns garnered 6,475 placements with an average domain authority (DA) of 58. 

Below are some of our best PR examples from 2023. 

Moving Past Marriage

Purpose: This campaign was designed for a company that connects people looking for mental healthcare with a licensed therapist. As a relatively new company in the crowded mental health sphere, our client wanted to establish themselves as a thought leader and improve their organic visibility. 

In talking to our client about their areas of expertise, we identified that one of the key reasons people seek out therapy is for relationship help. So the question became: how do we turn that expertise into a PR strategy with linking citations and authority-building references? We decided to put together a research-based content campaign with a newsworthy hook: How do Gen Z and Millennials feel about marriage and dating?

Result: The piece sparked conversations and raised awareness about marriage and children, as well as dating and finances. It earned widespread coverage in high-authority media outlets including Forbes, Business Insider, Newsweek, and the Daily Mail. It ended up receiving over 270 placements (and counting), creating a huge buzz on social media while simultaneously helping to build the client’s backlink profile.   

The page on our client’s website now ranks well for relevant keywords, driving steady volumes of monthly traffic and earning ongoing coverage well after our media outreach campaign concluded. 

Americans’ Dining Out Habits

Purpose: As a national food distributor, this client already has a strong national brand and voice. But competition for industry leadership can be tight. Our digital PR team was not only tasked with creating new content; we also needed to find the right topic to establish our client’s expertise in the food industry. For this example of digital PR campaigns, we tackled a consumer-focused narrative.

We worked with our client to survey Americans about their dining preferences and changes since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Result: The food-focused digital PR campaign was a hit not only in the food and beverage industry but in the personal finance realm as well. Top-tier outlets such as CBS News, Nasdaq, and Go Banking Rates wrote articles covering the cost of eating out. On top of that, we secured our client linking placements in niche outlets such as the Nation’s Restaurant News and Restaurant Business Magazine.

The campaign page received more than 140 links with an average DA of 71 and ranks for more than two hundred food-related keywords.  

Sober Curious Nation

Purpose: While working with a company that helps businesses track and measure their advertising efforts, our digital PR team was charged with creating a content campaign to get our client in press publications across the country. Although what our client does is incredibly niche, we knew that the work they do with consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies could lead to a powerful content campaign. So, we looked at food and drink trends across the nation, landing on the sober curious trend.

Result: This digital PR campaign was a great example of how timely data can be a hit with journalists. We tapped into the newscycle by finding journalists most interested in covering this growing trend, pulling our client into the national spotlight. The piece received over 160 links in major outlets including CNN, Adweek, and Forbes.

Relevant food and beverage publications such as Tasting Table, Delish, the Full Pint, and Clean Plates also picked up the piece, talking about the changes in drinking habits especially among younger generations. This piece was also included in a nationally circulated press release issued by JetBlue and Athletic Brewing, adding further relevant coverage.

2022 Digital PR Campaign Examples

In 2022, we launched over 130 content campaigns covering topics from personal finance to sports fandom, depending on client vertical. Our team efforts led to over 6,000 links by the year-end. 

Subscription Services

Purpose: Our client, a market research consultant, was looking for original research to improve their brand notoriety in an SEO-friendly way: quality and quantity backlinks. Our team determined a news-first campaign on the hot topic of Americans’ subscription habits would be an ideal way to help solidify them as an expert in their industry, while also speaking about a topic of interest to the broader media. 

Result: There was overwhelming interest in the topic from an arsenal of media outlets including MarketWatch, Forbes, CNBC, Money Magazine, and MSN. Journalists were captivated by the idea of subscription costs, especially emphasizing the money wasted when subscriptions are forgotten. The content campaign received over 360 links with an average DA of 64. 

Tax Procrastinators 2022

Purpose: This client operates in the financial industry working with property investors to manage their capital gains taxes. It was up to our digital PR team to create a campaign that relates to the client while still drawing the attention of the public. Our team zeroed in on the idea of taxes but broadened the piece to relate more to the universal experience of filing taxes.

By highlighting something that every American experiences (and often laments), this digital PR campaign example aimed to get the client nationwide news coverage by relying on a campaign concept that we’d seen major success in the past for the client.  

Result: Building on the trust and recognition from our previous campaigns, our third annual campaign on tax procrastinators drew renewed interest from national outlets such as the New York Times, CNBC, and Politico. It also acquired placements from financial publications including MoneyWatch, Accounting Today, and Money Tips. The 2022 piece earned nearly 200 links with an average DA of 64. 

Gen Z Mental Health

Purpose: Working with a healthcare IT company, our digital PR team was tasked with creating a campaign in the health vertical to help continue building our client’s backlink profile by earning placements from top-notch media outlets. We dove into the mental health realm, focusing specifically on those who are part of Gen Z. The youngest adult demographic is the subject of near-constant news coverage and felt like a perfect fit for this campaign. 

Result: This example of digital PR success sparked conversations around mental health attracting coverage from over 160 media outlets including, Fortune, and the New York Post. The campaign was used by outlets to dive deeper into the discussion surrounding the mental health of Gen Z. On top of earning links with an average DA of 56, the campaign also ranks for well over 100 health-related keywords.

NHL Mascots 2022

Purpose: While doing work with a sports gambling client, we had the challenge of creating a successful digital PR campaign in the sports realm, an industry that’s been saturated with digital PR content. Our team kept it simple, putting together a fan survey on NHL mascots to help our client earn placements and positive public relations for their relatively new sports betting website. 

Result: The campaign concept paid off with the piece earning over 140 inbound links including Yahoo! Sports. Media outlets were drawn to the ranking of each NHL team’s mascot, writing articles about their team’s mascot and fan sentiments. The piece saw extensive coverage in Canada earning placements from outlets there such as Narcity, Calgary News, and the National Post.

2021 Digital PR Campaign Examples

Our digital PR team launched 75 content campaigns in 2021 tackling topics from the workplace to personal finance to homeowners. Examples of our work all navigated a new normal in the world after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team’s concerted efforts during this critical time led to over 4,200 placements with campaigns earning an average of 52 links. Check out some of our best PR examples from 2021 here:

Buy Now, Pay Later

Purpose: For this campaign, our digital PR team zeroed in on a trend that had taken off during the COVID-19 pandemic: online shopping. We dove into the topic of “buy now, pay later” for our marketing client putting together an in-depth campaign on this new way to pay. The end goal was to help our client earn more positive PR and high-authority backlinks, but it was also made with the vision of helping our client continue to grow as an expert in the marketing field. 

Result: This campaign attracted the attention of hundreds of media outlets nationwide, earning over 400 links. As more companies released “buy now, pay later” options, journalists continuously linked to our piece. The campaign was highlighted in articles with USA Today, The Guardian, Forbes, TIME, and Business Insider.

Children’s Mental Health During Pandemic

Purpose: The health vertical remained engrossed in coronavirus coverage at this time, so we had the tough challenge of creating a digital PR campaign for our client, a children’s hospital, that would break through that buzz.

Our goal was to get this client more positive public relations for the work they’re doing during the pandemic. To do that, we chose to move forward with a data-backed content campaign focusing specifically on children’s mental health during the pandemic, a topic relevant to the current news cycle that hadn’t gotten a lot of recent coverage. 

Result: The compelling campaign sparked national interest earning links from key health outlets including Healthline, Psychology Today, and the Psychiatric Times. By bringing to light an important conversation on children’s mental health it also received placements in nationwide outlets such as CNN, Fortune, and Yahoo! News.

Women in Tech

Purpose: A company specializing in business process improvement turned to our team to drum up recognition with digital PR. The company is proud to be led by women, which inspired our campaign centering around women working in the tech world. We wanted to give a voice to workers who are part of a workspace that is predominantly male. Through our original research, we highlighted the struggles and frustrations many women face in the tech industry. 

Result: Media outlets were eager to cover this piece. Our campaign put a spotlight on an important topic that previously did not have much data behind it. Our powerful survey data and statistics led to over 120 inbound links from major outlets including Forbes, CNBC, and Business Insider. On top of that, we got coverage in relevant business outlets including Biz Women and the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Halloween Decor 2021

Purpose: As a company that builds homes in states across the Midwest, this client was looking for lighthearted content connected to owning your own home. The end goal? To earn positive PR while also building a strong backlink profile with top media outlets across the nation.

We came up with a simple, fun content campaign around decorating for Halloween. Our data-led campaign included both survey and trend data to offer a variety of statistics for journalists. 

Result: This piece went live at the perfect time in the fall, giving media outlets fun data to add to their yearly Halloween stories. Over 190 outlets linked to the piece including the Huffington Post, Martha Stewart Living, and Yahoo! Entertainment. The piece is now an annual campaign for our client and yields dozens to hundreds of links every year.

2020 Digital PR Campaign Examples

In 2020, our team launched 60 digital PR campaigns ranging from topics about consumers and personal finance to those in the health world. We worked hard to find the right voice, tone, and data to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic while also continuing to get our clients news coverage in a positive, trustworthy way. Our efforts paid off with the team garnering over 2,500 links.

Package Theft 2020

Purpose: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,the marketing industry was hit hard. Many marketing firms were hit hard with budget cuts and client losses as the economy dramatically changed. In tough economic times, competition for business becomes more fierce and organic digital visibility becomes increasingly valuable. The goal of this campaign was to secure widespread and high-authority linking citations that amplified their brand visibility as a thought leader in market research. 

Result: The content campaign was just as popular the second time around with many journalists interested in our year-over-year data to show the significant changes in consumer shopping habits over the last year. The piece received over 230 links with an average DA of 65. First-rate media outlets including the New York Times, Business Insider, Bloomberg, and Consumer Affairs covered the piece.

Tiny Homes

Purpose: Our client in the financial industry was dealing with major shifts and changes during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when it comes to property investments. So, our team concentrated on a trendy topic to fit the current landscape: tiny homes. Our goal was to keep building backlinks and frame our client in a positive light, especially during this tougher economic time. 

Result: This light, trendy piece provided the perfect amount of levity for media outlets during this time. Many used it to report on unique ways Americans could vacation or work from home. In the end, the piece received over 130 links including placements in TIME Magazine, the U.S. News & World Report, CNN, and Vanity Fair. We also earned coverage in several relevant, housing-related outlets such as Realtor Magazine, Housing Wire, Realty Today, and the National Association of Realtors. 

Finances and COVID-19

Purpose: A company specializing in digital product sales came to us during the pandemic to help build their brand name and earn positive brand coverage. With more companies focusing solely on online sales after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, they were primed for more business if they had better digital visibility. Our team chose to center the campaign around the pandemic, focusing on American purchase habits and changes since the health crisis began.  

Result: The piece was the ideal mix of a timely, newsworthy story with strong, personal finance statistics. Media outlets specifically ran with the data covering how many Americans were living paycheck to paycheck.

Top tier outlets such as Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Yahoo! Finance, USA Today, and Forbes linked to the piece. In all, the piece received over 150 links.

How Americans are Taking Care of Themselves During Quarantine

Purpose: We had the job of creating a health-focused digital PR campaign for a dermatology client that would stand out amid coronavirus coverage. We leveraged our client’s expertise with a newsworthy hook with a campaign on daily health routines and the impact working from home had on these habits and others.

Result: News agencies hooked on the narrative that Americans aren’t taking care of their personal hygiene, and the piece took off across the nation. Media outlets including Modern Salon, Dermascope, iHeartRadio, and CBS New York were a few of the over 100 links the piece received.  

2019 Digital PR Campaign Examples

As digital PR and link building efforts evolved and grew in the industry, so did our strategy when it came to content campaigns. Our team created and launched over 45 campaigns tackling issues from generational health habits to consumer privacy and theft concerns. Our work in the health and wellness, personal finance, and food and beverage verticals led to over 2,700 inbound links in 2019.

Package Theft 2019

Purpose: As a market research consultant, our client came to us looking for digital PR campaigns to help increase their brand recognition with the added SEO benefit of building their backlink profile. Our goal was to create a campaign on consumer behavior trends that would set up our client as a thought leader. Our piece on package thefts went live during the holidays, a key time when many people are making online purchases or shipping packages. 

Result: The campaign had overwhelming success with our original data drawing placements from some top media outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider, U.S. News & World Report, CNBC, The Hill, MarketWatch, and hundreds of others. Not only did this campaign lead to powerful media coverage at the time it was published, but the way our team optimized the piece led to continued organic coverage well after active outreach ended. Overall, the piece earned over 390 links with an average DA of 69. 

Millennial State of Health

Purpose: Our client, a healthcare IT company, was looking to get nationwide recognition through original research and thought-provoking content in the health vertical to build its backlink profile with high authority links. At the time, journalists were very interested in Millennials and their habits as the newest generation of adults entering the workforce. So, we put together a campaign focusing solely on the decisions Millennials are making about their health. 

Result: The study hit on a topic that hadn’t gotten a lot of recent coverage and the media was quick to report on it. Journalists zeroed in on the idea that Millennials were putting off health issues and turning to Google over healthcare professionals. The piece ended up getting over 100 links including Forbes, Business Insider, and MSN. It also received relevant coverage from health outlets such as Renal and Urology News, Mobi Health News, Physicians Practice, and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Food Delivery Apps

Purpose: In the food and beverage industry, this client operates as a longtime national food distributor with a stellar reputation. But our client didn’t want to be stagnant, they wanted to keep building on their history and standing in the industry with thought-provoking content. So, our team went to work to come up with a digital PR campaign that would highlight trends in the food industry. With increasing reliance on food delivery apps, we dove into that topic.  

Result: The content campaign was met with overwhelming interest. Prominent media outlets such as USA Today, Newsweek, People Magazine, NPR, and more picked up the piece. Overall, the campaign received over 600 links with outlets highlighting and commenting on food delivery drivers and consumer expectations when it comes to ordering food online.

Do Airbnb Guests Trust Their Hosts?

Purpose: This financial company helps people manage their capital gains taxes. That includes those who own vacation homes such as Airbnbs. So, our digital PR team decided to create a content campaign centered around Airbnbs, focusing more specifically on how hosts run these properties. The goal of our campaign was to build on our client’s reputation while also growing their backlink profile. 

Result: The campaign paid off, earning over 160 inbound links with an average DA of 65. Media outlets such as Forbes, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, and Realtor Magazine were just some of the high authority places to cover the piece. Many journalists honed in on the statistics surrounding surveillance and Airbnbs, sparking national conversations about privacy within these rental homes. 

Subscription Budgets

Purpose: Our client, a consulting firm, came to us looking for content that would help them earn media attention from prominent outlets and improve their SEO at the same time. In a time when many people were cutting the cord and diving into the world of online subscriptions, our digital PR team set out to find out if people were truly saving money by getting rid of cable.  

Result: Our survey sparked interest in over 100 media outlets including Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Daily Mail, and the Atlantic. The piece received over 120 links with many outlets focusing on how much subscription budgets cost compared to the expectations of consumers. 

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