How to Get Media Coverage for Your Business

Are your traditional PR strategies failing to earn you the type of media coverage and brand-building you desire? If so, the solution may be in implementing digital PR strategies

Creating and promoting original research is often more effective than promotional press releases when it comes to earning media coverage for your business. In this blog we will discuss how you can leverage digital content to get media coverage for your business as well as build brand awareness and organic search in Google. 

Create Content With Media in Mind

Before you start creating content for digital PR media coverage, it’s first important to understand what the media wants to cover. Journalists are fundamentally opposed to promotional content and press releases that offer little narrative depth come across like requests for free advertising.

Digital PR, a different beast with different priorities, can sometimes be the answer to how to get media attention. A successful public relations strategy understands and promotes content that journalists are interested in and want to write news stories about… Content that satisfies their quest for new, interesting, and relevant information.

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Examples of Original Researched Content:

  1. Search behavior analyses
  2. Data research
  3. Surveys
  4. Social media analyses 

These four basic research structures allow the digital PR professionals at DTC to produce content that is relevant to each client’s industry while avoiding the promotional pitfalls of focusing exclusively on their services and products. They also all have broader appeal to a wide audience: journalists love to cover stories on broad trends and topics Americans are already talking about and find interesting.

We fight the promotional tendencies of traditional PR and the genre limitations of the press release by producing research that creates compelling stories (stories that are easy for media contacts and news outlets to generate story ideas from). In doing so we are able to accomplish the brand-building goals of public relations, but in an indirect fashion, and reap the SEO value of media coverage as well.

What is Newsworthy Content?

Want to know how to get press coverage? Whether you want a newspaper or magazine to feature you, or have your eyes set on a niche industry publication, all journalists want to cover things that are newsworthy. The more elements of news value something has, the more “newsworthy” it’s deemed. Generally speaking, the world of journalism accepts eight elements of newsworthiness.

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8 Elements of Newsworthiness: 

  1. Impact
  2. Prominence
  3. Timeliness
  4. Proximity
  5. Currency
  6. Human interest
  7. Conflict
  8. The unusual

Original research satiates a journalist’s hunger for something new, relevant, and current, while establishing yourself, or your business as an authority on a newly published report. 

Knowing the type of media you want coverage from is also important. If you want niche coverage, think about niche subjects. If you’re looking to secure national media coverage, consider content that is more universally applicable. 

How do you Make Newsworthy Content? 

The question you may now be asking is, how can my business create newsworthy content? 

Many believe they have to produce content that directly relates to their services, products, or brand. Marketing doctrine tells us that brand identity and positioning are key, so it might feel risky to stray from direct promotion.

But under this assumption, it can be a struggle to create original research that is both relevant and newsworthy.

We help our clients publish and promote original research that strikes a balance between business relevancy and newsworthiness. In 2022 alone, we earned 6,255 media placements across the United States and overseas.  

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This newsworthy research falls in the realm of expertise that your company may have, but because it doesn’t directly talk about your business or services, it can more readily meet the standards for newsworthiness than typical content marketing efforts.

It also opens additional opportunities and subject matter which can secure more media attention than the niche expertise of your business and your target audiences.

Digital Content that Earns Media Coverage Example

Here’s an example of content that our digital PR agency created for a financial consulting company to help them earn media coverage for their business. 

The original research we created with the client consisted of a 2,000 person survey about monthly subscription fees. The survey revealed that most consumers grossly underestimate their monthly expenditures for things like cable, WiFi, subscription boxes, and streaming services by 88%. 

ipad with screenshot of "America's relationships with subscription services'

The content had earned 113 linking placements in the likes of CNBC, USA Today, Forbes, NBC News, and the Wall Street Journal. 

One of the main reasons this study earned such widespread media coverage was because of its balance of relevancy and broad news interest.

Had we been limited by the constraints of traditional PR and forced to create original research directly related to the client’s work, we would not have been able to produce a piece of content that most Americans, and subsequently most general news publications, would relate to. And that is how a niche business can secure national press coverage.

Align Your Content Creation to Your Goals

Remember, the content has to match the goal. 

If a company wants to increase brand awareness within its industry, get its name out among potential customers, or garner some “good PR,” then traditional PR tactics and promotional content may work to accomplish that goal. 

However, if a company’s goal is to attract widespread media attention and increase visibility, but that company has a narrow focus, less name recognition, or niche services, it’s nearly impossible to earn that type of broad coverage by producing exclusively relevant content. Digital PR can open the doors to media coverage by larger, and more authoritative, publications by allowing companies the freedom to create content that is more newsworthy and less promotional.

There are multiple paths toward visibility, but to leverage media coverage to achieve that visibility, digital PR is a great choice and much more likely to secure widespread media coverage. 

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