Research Shows No Google Bias Against Trump

By Roxy Fata

Donald Trump accused Google (and its algorithm) of being biased against him. Is it true? Not even close. Google, which is in so many ways a reflection of us, feels the same way about Trump as our country feels: totally confused.

There are few characteristics of Google more unique to it’s makeup (and more indicative of ours) than predictive text. Predictive text is what results when you start to type into Google’s search bar and it guesses where you’re headed by auto-filling a list of popular queries. As the nation roils over Trump’s indictment of Google on Wednesday—specifically, that the tech giant conspires against him—we decided to gather evidence. After all, we’re experts on this stuff. As an 11-year-old search marketing agency, we’ve grown up with Google, and take very seriously the business of understanding its algorithm.

For this analysis, we chose 24 very common, very neutral supplements to a bare-bones “Donald Trump” query, in order to see what Google has to say about the man behind the curtain (of sweet golden hair). In doing so, we revealed a picture that should come as no surprise to anyone, anywhere, on any side of any aisle: Google, like America, is confused about Trump.