Google Call Metrics - AdWords Call Tracking?

I received an email last night about Google AdWords Call Metrics, which is a new call tracking solution offered right out of your Google AdWords account.

How Do You Get a PPC Campaign Started?

I’ve been asked this question several times over the last few years and so I’d like to do a run down on the initial aspects of PPC that any new account holder will have to go through. Of course there are particulars that apply to specific industries or goals which I do not touch on.

To Optimize, or Rotate?

In Google AdWords there are many options and settings which you can tweak for different effects and for different purposes. One such feature is found in Edit Campaign Settings under Scheduling and Serving: Ad Serving.

New Addition to the Digital Third Coast Family

A little late on posting this, but we'd all like to congratulate George and Kim on the birth of Elliott Dmitry. Mom and baby are happy and healthy. Elliott already has his own Google shirt too!

Paid Links Not Mentioned In Google's Webmaster Guidelines

Just read through all of Google's Webmaster Guidelines and noticed there was no mention of avoiding paid links. Hmmm... Do you think they simply forgot to mention this in their popular guidelines for webmasters?

PPC Testing for SEO

Over the last couple of years I've noticed a couple things in the search space: 1. keyword tools are unreliable 2. PPC traffic can show some valuable search trends. Well here’s the point: PPC and SEO help to inform each other consistently.

The Importance of Landing Page and Keyword Synergy in PPC

When creating a commercial website there is an idea that is central to core sensibilities of the business model. That is, usually, at root, how does this site make money?

Advanced Keyword Research in AdWords

Finding the proper keywords is the cornerstone of any successful SEM campaign. I imagine every PPC manager out there begins a campaign with keyword research in order to find what keywords are going to generate the desired traffic to a website.