How to Continue Using Your Google Analytics Account When Switching Domains

What happens to your Google Analytics data if your business is building a new website on a new domain? Are you able to keep your old data and continue tracking visitor data as if your site never moved? The answer is 'Yes!' It's very easy to do and this post will show you how to do it.

5 Tips For Using Google Analytics Site Search Reports

I tend to find that most Google Analytics users are primarily looking at how people reached their website and hoping that the traffic graphs get bigger over time.

Conversion Source Attribution - A Game Changing Report in the New Version of Google Analytics

The old version of Google Analytics is lying when it comes to conversion data. Well, not really. But it has severe limitations. In navigating the new version of GA over the past several months, I have encountered several reports that are not available in the old version.

Goals: The Most Important Thing You Can Do

This post is meant to inspire people that aren't tracking goals on their site (or don't pay attention to them).

Finding and Fixing 404 Pages with Google Analytics

In August, I wrote a post about common error pages that can be found online. As that post explains, the most common, and problematic, error page is the dreaded 404.

How Does Google Analytics Actually Work?

Google Analytics is a great service for many reasons, not the least of which is its price tag of zero. Another of its great advantages is that site owners just have to follow a few simple steps before being able to track most--but not all--visitors to their site.

Multi-Channel Funnels: Which Clicks Really Lead to Conversions?

Search marketing is a data driven field and that's why I'm very excited about a new feature added to Google Analytics. Last week, Google announced that multi-channel funnels will be now available to all users through the new version of Google Analytics.

5 Long Term Benefits of PPC Advertising

PPC is typically seen as a short-term investment. You pay money and in return receive traffic to your website. When you stop paying that money to the search engines, the traffic dries up.