Should I Be Doing SEO or PPC? Or Both?

I spend my days talking to business owners from nearly every industry.  It’s my favorite thing about my line of work: having the opportunity to learn about different businesses and organizations, and helping them craft an online marketing strategy.   A business owner is usually an expert in their

Why SEO Is Awesome

I never planned on be

A Musician's Playlist for Digital Marketing: Your Guide to SEO for Musicians

You may be the next big thing at your local open mic night, but the reality is that until your music gets “discovered” on the Internet, you won’t be able to get any traction as a musician.

What We're Thankful For in Digital Marketing

Sometimes in the digital marketing space, we have setbacks.

How to Create a Buyer Persona: The 10 Questions You Need to Ask

One of the buzzy topics in digital marketing

7 Firefox Productivity Hacks

I use both Chrome and Firefox in my day-to-day, but Firefox is still my main browser just because I have not found replacements for all of the add-ons in Chrome. A lot of search professionals spend a great deal of time on their computer, and a good portion of that time is spent in a browser.

Unofficial Guide to Search Engine Marketing Terms

Here’s a list of common Search Engine Marketing (SEM) industry terms we come across in our daily work and definitions in our own words.

8 Reasons You Should NOT Do SEO or PPC

When I first started at DTC, people frequently asked me “Who are your ideal clients?” And I always answered “Everyone”.  The fact of the matter is that is blatantly untrue.  It was a hard lesson  for me to learn, that there were people and companies who were ready to invest in search marketing, b