How Do I Get A Higher Quality Score in AdWords?

So you just launched an AdWords campaign and you’re probably wondering how to start off on the right foot with a high-quality score. Or perhaps you’ve been advertising on AdWords for years, and you are starting to see your quality score drop.

How to Elevate Your PPC Campaign Performance in One Day Per Week

When it comes to PPC advertising (like AdWords), it can be easy to just "set and forget" your campaign. Unfortunately, the major ad networks (like Google) make it very easy to spend more money than you should.

Five Reasons Businesses Fail to Reach Their Digital Marketing Goals

One of the best things about digital marketing is that there's a tool or technique out there for measuring almost anything. Do you want to find out how many phone calls are attributable to your SEO campaign?

Should I Be Doing SEO or PPC? Or Both?

I spend my days talking to business owners from nearly every industry.  It’s my favorite thing about my line of work: having the opportunity to learn about different businesses and organizations, and helping them craft an online marketing strategy.   A business owner is usually an expert in their

Why You Should Do Remarketing

Have you ever been followed around the internet by that pair of running shoes you’ve been eyeballing or had Verizon Wireless offer you $200 to join them after you’ve been to their site? That’s remarketing! And, believe it or not, it’s pretty effective.

What Is The Most Expensive Keyword To Bid On?

Think you're getting bamboozled by the high cost per click you're paying? It might just be your industry and the keywords you're bidding on. We've found that the price of the keyword really depends on the industry you’re bidding on, and how competitive that industry is.

Why Should I Use Conversion Tracking in AdWords?

So an Internet user clicked your ad. While that's definitely cause for a celebratory mini-dance party at your desk, you need deeper information than just knowing that someone clicked your ad to help you decipher why they clicked your ad- were they ready to purchase?