How Does Google Analytics Actually Work?

Google Analytics is a great service for many reasons, not the least of which is its price tag of zero. Another of its great advantages is that site owners just have to follow a few simple steps before being able to track most--but not all--visitors to their site.

Multi-Channel Funnels: Which Clicks Really Lead to Conversions?

Search marketing is a data driven field and that's why I'm very excited about a new feature added to Google Analytics. Last week, Google announced that multi-channel funnels will be now available to all users through the new version of Google Analytics.

Why Do Error Pages Keep Appearing On My Site?

Web servers are a lot like baseball umpires: when they're doing their jobs properly, you're barely aware of their existence. Of course, while watching a baseball game, you know that there are umps, calling balls and strikes and determining whether a runner is out or safe.

How Do You Know PPC Will Work for Your Business?

In short, you will never know if PPC will work for your business – unless you try it. There are many factors that affect how successful your PPC campaigns will be; everything from the quality of your website to the keywords you choose will directly impact how well your accounts perform.

Does Brand Awareness Affect PPC Results?

Short Answer: Yes.

Google Call Metrics - AdWords Call Tracking?

I received an email last night about Google AdWords Call Metrics, which is a new call tracking solution offered right out of your Google AdWords account.

How Do You Get a PPC Campaign Started?

I’ve been asked this question several times over the last few years and so I’d like to do a run down on the initial aspects of PPC that any new account holder will have to go through. Of course there are particulars that apply to specific industries or goals which I do not touch on.

To Optimize, or Rotate?

In Google AdWords there are many options and settings which you can tweak for different effects and for different purposes. One such feature is found in Edit Campaign Settings under Scheduling and Serving: Ad Serving.