Digital Marketing Quiz

Whether you’re handling your SEO efforts in-house or with the help of an agency, it’s smart to take a step back and assess its effectiveness. This 11-question self-assessment was created by our team of skilled SEO strategists with you, a marketing manager, in mind. It assesses your current SEO strategy in just a few minutes and offers resources to improve.

The Importance of Anchor Text Diversity

If your goal is to attract new visitors and grow your audience, you should start by trying to grow non branded search traffic to your website. What exactly does that mean?

How Your Small Business Website Can Rank Better

The world of SEO can be a bit daunting—most of my family, friends and dates give me blank stares when I describe to them what I do here at Digital Third Coast.

The Eight Values That Will Make Your Content 'Newsworthy'

The press release came in from the Member for Bathurst via fax.

What’s More Important: Technical SEO, Content Marketing or Link Building?

If you want to see SEO results (and let's be honest, see them quickly), where should you start?

What Type of Salesman is Your Website?

How much of your sales process is happening without your sales team? Studies have indicated that up to 70 percent of the buyer's journey is complete before a potential client even contacts you or engages with your sales team.

Three Ways PR and SEO Can Be Best Friends

Ever since Google's Penguin and Panda algorithm updates rocked the SEO world, digital marketers have been forced to lay down their black hat tactics and focus on

How to Create Perfect Local Landing Pages

Landing pages matter, and making it clear where your business operates is particularly critical for small businesses trying to compete with national brands.