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Chicago SEO agency.

For your company to grow, you need to be extremely competitive online. You need to stay on top of the latest digital trends and sophisticated SEO expert tactics.

Or, you need to hire us.

Why work with us?

We make Google love our clients, and we do it the right way. Our approach to link building is unmatched in the industry and our technical website audits are rigorous. But the best part? Our results stick. We have relationships with hundreds of publications and a dynamite creative team that produces world-class content — and link building results — for our clients. Don't believe us? See for yourself.

Why SEO is Important

From newspapers to the financial industry and from the music world to our social interactions, the internet disrupted everything — marketing included. The disruption highlighted the importance of SEO as essential to every marketing strategy. SEO isn’t an expendable tactic nor is it a shortcut. It's a foundation for companies to meet customers and is critical to the success and survival of nearly every business in almost all industries.

How SEO Works

SEO is much more than keywords. It requires rigorous technical analysis of a website's structure and user experience. It requires creative and ongoing content campaigns and a dedicated outreach strategy to earn links from respected websites and publications. This is more than one SEO consultant can provide. When this comprehensive strategy is well-executed, Google takes notice and introduces your company to more customers, increasing sales and revenue.

Our Strategy + Approach

  1. Identify and set goals

  2. Technical audit

  3. Competitive analysis

  4. Keyword research and alignment

  5. Content and link building

Link Building + Outreach Pros

We create content that lands your brand in these respected outlets. Why? It helps your business outrank your competitors.

There's good SEO and great SEO. You deserve great.

We've refined our strategy and process for more than a decade, and we're great at what we do. We start with keyword research and alignment to ensure we drive qualified traffic to your site, then we work on both on-site and off-site optimization to increase your rankings and traffic. 

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Make no mistake, SEO is a long game. You won’t get immediate results, and anyone who says otherwise is just selling. That said, if you’re patient, if you set up a strategic foundation and invest time and resources the right way, SEO will always pay off.


Anyone who makes specific SEO-related guarantees, like “I’ll get you to the top spot in Google,” or “I’ll get you x number of links,” is just trying to close a deal. Setting goals is great. But specific promises are foolish and unreliable in the SEO Chicago game.


The most important thing to avoid is an agency that takes shortcuts. The SEO industry, in many ways, was built on shortcuts, but those days are over. Google is keenly aware of tactics intended to game the system, and it’s swift to punish companies that don’t play fair.

Capturing coveted links from high-profile publications

See how Thermosoft partnered with DTC to grow their online business with both paid and SEO services.

Shorr Packaging
Driving 91 keywords to the top of Google

See how an all-too common problem — package theft — helped spur growth for Shorr Packaging.

So, how does DTC do SEO?

The right strategy involves both on-site and off-site SEO work. See what makes our SEO and content marketing process different.

Technical Audit

Step 1

Outreach + Placement

Step 2

Qualified Traffic

Step 3

Traffic to Leads

Step 4

  • Shorr Packaging

    “We've had nothing but good results and enjoy a wonderful working relationship with them.”

    Cassie Spenny, Shorr Packaging

  • Home Run Inn Pizza

    “They’re fun to work with, always productive, and they consistently do a good job.”

    Renee Storie, Home Run Inn Pizza

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