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Strategic and well-optimized content drives traffic and conversions while positioning your brand as an industry leader.

Why Content Strategy Matters

If content is the gas that fuels your SEO journey, content strategy is the map that guides the way. It’s rooted in understanding your target audience and the keywords that matter most in your industry. Without a clear strategy, your content efforts can become disjointed and ineffective, resulting in wasted time and resources. When done correctly, your content pieces can work together as a cohesive force to drive relevant traffic and conversions.

Grounded in a Long-Term and “Helpful” Approach

At DTC, we understand that content strategy is the backbone of a successful SEO strategy. It’s not just about creating content, it’s about creating the right content. The goal is to have content that resonates with your target audience and ranks in the search engine results. Our Content Strategy services can help you create a comprehensive plan to achieve content success.

Mastering SEO with Google’s Helpful Content Update

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Understanding Google’s Helpful Content Update

This update was introduced to ensure that users receive the most valuable and relevant information for their search queries. It’s a game-changer in SEO.

Google’s Helpful Content Update emphasizes the importance of creating content that provides a satisfying and “helpful” experience. The focus should be on the audience and user intent rather than search engines.

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What Does the Helpful Content Update Entail?

The Helpful Content Update by Google is a substantial algorithm modification designed to elevate content that truly benefits users. It prioritizes informative, engaging, and valuable content. Content that lacks depth or complete answers is lowered in the SERP rankings.

From Google’s inception, the emphasis has been on crafting excellent content rather than fixating on link building. This update marks a significant stride in that direction.

How We Optimize for Helpful Content

At DTC, we understand the significance of aligning with Google’s standards to thrive in the digital landscape. Our customized SEO content marketing strategy is designed to optimize your website across all Helpful Content factors. Here’s how we do it:

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User-Focused Content Strategy

We start our optimization process by developing a deep understanding of your audience. We look into the search intent behind the keywords used to find your business. Our content strategies are tailored to answer the questions users are asking in a complete, straightforward, and “helpful” way. We prioritize user intent and satisfaction, ensuring that each piece of content serves a purpose for your audience.

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Keyword Difficulty Analysis

We carefully choose keywords that strike a balance between competition and search volume. This ensures that your website achieves high rankings for the content we produce. We call this process the KOB (Keyword Opposition Benefit) analysis. This strategic selection of keywords results in a substantial increase in organic traffic to your page.

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High-Quality Content Creation

Our team of expert writers and SEO specialists craft content that’s both informative and engaging. We craft content that caters to Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines. We avoid filler content (which is considered “unhelpful”). Instead, we focus on detailed, well-researched content that users find valuable.

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Continuous Content Evaluation

The best place to start is with the content that already exists on your page! We audit your existing content and make recommendations on what can be added, improved, redirected, or removed. We continually evaluate and refine your content to maintain high standards of helpfulness and relevance. Our SEO services include regular audits to identify areas for improvement.

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Enhancing Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T)

We build your site’s reputation by enhancing its expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. We ensure your site is sending the correct signals to Google about the authors and thought leaders in your company. This helps build EEAT.

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Technical SEO Alignment

Beyond the content itself, technical SEO remains crucial. If everything else is pretty much equal between you and competitors, technical improvements can be the edge you need to outperform them. Our technical SEO experts ensure that your website’s structure, speed, and user experience are optimized to meet Google’s guidelines. We make sure your page provides a seamless and satisfying user journey.

Reviving Your Existing Content

We don’t just focus on creating new content, we do a complete analysis of your existing content to make sure it aligns with your overall strategy. Outdated, irrelevant, or low-quality content can hinder your progress. If your site has a lot of old or outdated content, it could trigger an “unhelpful content” signal to Google’s algorithm. Google rewards fresh, valuable content, and we can help you update or remove old content that no longer serves your goals.

While we’re experts in crafting content strategies, we believe in collaboration. You don’t have to rely solely on us to create the content. In fact, we encourage our clients to be thought leaders in their industry. We’ll guide you and your team through the execution process to ensure your strategy is implemented effectively.

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