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A lot of people think they’ll get to content tomorrow when they have more time. They won’t.

If you’re serious about your business, get serious about content.

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Why work with us?

We’re as serious about promoting content as we are about creating it. When it comes to SEO link building, DTC concentrates on leveraging relationships with national publications and thought leaders to create links that deliver higher-quality, relevant traffic to your website while also improving your content’s SEO exposure for related queries. Our agency’s link building strategies give you access to some of the best SEO link building experts in the industry, so your business will be rewarded with a backlink profile that verifies your website’s and brand’s reliability and authority. If you want links that increase the quality of your website traffic, rankings, and overall organic ROI, let DTC get to work for you.


How we find audiences

From the very beginning of our process, we think about where the biggest audiences are and what content they like to consume. For every piece and every client, we’re thinking creatively and strategically about the audiences we want to pursue and the publishing verticals we could tap into. When content goes live on your site, we’re only getting started.


Why we want quality over quantity

Ideally, our content earns tons of links from big, important websites with high domain authorities. But, if we have to choose one over the other, quality or quantity, we’ll always pursue fewer links from more powerful sites. We know search engine algorithms are smart and we’re willing to do the work to impress them.


The ROI of link building

The primary pursuit of link building is to associate our clients’ websites with more powerful, well-established sites. This leads to increased visibility for our clients and ultimately, higher rankings on search engines. Blog comments and directory link building are a thing of the past. Hire a content marketing agency that will create campaigns you can be proud of.

Research-Driven Link Building Services

Our content is grounded in original research.
Designed strategically to match your business.


Our SEO Link Building Approach

We don’t create content just to make noise and fill a void.

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    The most consumed content

    There’s a breathtaking amount of content and information published online every day, every hour. Only a tiny fraction of that earns the attention of a significant audience. We’re experts at creating content that falls into that minority. We’re constantly studying how people like to consume information, what narratives resonate most and what data people crave, in this moment.

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    The art of information design

    When we use content marketing for the purpose of link building, we’re executing a delicate dance in terms of the topics we cover and the stories we tell. There are two realities that need to be accounted for: the reality of a given client’s business (what they do, what industry they’re a part of) and the reality of what information people are interested in consuming. Our job is to find the sweet spot where those realities intersect.

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    Why visual graphics work

    The infographic is a relatively new mode of expression in popular communication, and so far it’s been a huge hit. Infographics are pieces of content that rely as much on graphic content to communicate as they do on words. They are perfectly modern vehicles to deliver ideas and information to broad audiences who, like you and everyone you know, are pressed for time.

Get Noticed

Our content campaigns are featured in leading
digital publications here, and abroad.


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