SEO Onboarding

You’ve invested a lot into your SEO strategy. Put your mind at ease with a comprehensive onboarding at DTC.

Our SEO Onboarding Process

After you’ve made the selection to work with us (great choice BTW) you can expect a three-phase approach to onboarding.

Onboarding is a crucial step in our partnership with you and helps to set the tone for the work we’ll be doing on your website. Between meeting the account team, learning more about your goals and vision, and jumping into work – here’s what you can expect during your onboarding process with DTC.

The Phases of Onboarding



Before we meet, our team is busy familiarizing ourselves with your brand, your website, and your competition.



The first (virtual) face-to-face with your account team! We’ll introduce the SEO pros who will be working on your website to key stakeholders at your business. It’s our goal to learn more about your vision and scope how we can get there together.



This is the execution phase of the campaign. We’ll combine our SEO expertise with your industry-specific knowledge to implement and adapt an ongoing strategy to provide measurable improvement over time.

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During the pre-kickoff stage, our team goes through an SEO onboarding checklist which includes conducting comprehensive research on your website, gathering essential information about your business, and delving deep into your specific industry.

We also identify the target audience(s) you aim to reach. To ensure alignment with your objectives, we conduct an internal pre-kickoff meeting to ensure your full account team understands your goals and expectations.

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SEO Kickoff

The kickoff phase marks the official commencement of our work together. We host a kickoff meeting attended by all relevant client stakeholders, introducing them to our dedicated team members who will be managing and executing their SEO strategy.

In this meeting, we thoroughly review your website and campaign goals. Below is a typical agenda for a kickoff meeting.

1. Scope of Work: Transparent Roadmap for SEO Success

Our commitment to transparency begins with a detailed review of the scope of our engagement. We set clear expectations, outlining the resources available with your dedicated account team, and we provide an estimated timeline for the work ahead.

2. Goals & Challenges: Integral to Your SEO Strategy

Recognizing our role as a vital component in your SEO strategy, we focus on aligning with your goals and addressing any challenges that might arise. Our approach involves a comprehensive analysis of your SEO landscape, including a deep dive into your website’s performance, identifying challenges, strategizing to overcome them, setting SEO-specific goals, and evaluating the competitive landscape.

3. Audience: Tailored SEO Strategies for Your Business

In the world of SEO, audience understanding is paramount. We tailor our strategies by becoming intimately familiar with the unique audience that matters most to your business. This includes conducting in-depth keyword research, implementing the right match types for effective search targeting, and utilizing custom intent and infinite taxonomies. We employ advanced targeting strategies such as lookalike and custom match to ensure precision, and we consider specific geographies for optimal SEO impact.

4. Reporting: Insightful Analytics for SEO Growth

In the realm of SEO, data-driven insights are crucial. Our reporting is geared towards providing real-time data and actionable insights. We conduct monthly reporting calls via screen share to discuss progress, and our customizable dashboard keeps you informed about key SEO metrics. For a comprehensive view of how our SEO tactics interact with other web traffic, we set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4), enhancing visibility and understanding how our efforts generate new leads and sales for your business through SEO.

Additionally, we prioritize stakeholder alignment, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding project objectives and expected outcomes. We also outline our campaign strategy and provide clear timelines for achieving key milestones. We also discuss our reporting process and detail how we will efficiently manage our workflows using specialized project management tools.

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After the kickoff meeting, we enter the execution phase of our work together. This is when we put our strategy into action and begin implementing the necessary SEO initiatives. Depending on the scope of the campaign, the initial weeks may involve regular meetings to review progress and seek approvals on critical aspects, such as keyword research and content creation.

While we bring our expertise in SEO, we recognize that you possess industry-specific knowledge, and we aim to collaborate closely to ensure we target the right personas and keywords to achieve optimal results.

In essence, our SEO onboarding process is designed to establish a strong foundation, foster collaboration, and pave the way for successful SEO campaigns that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Reach out to us if you have any remaining SEO onboarding questions!

What Clients Have to Say About Our Onboarding Process

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“How refreshing to see a company really do “it” right.”

“From the first phone call, to setting up our first meeting, to your sales presentation, to your followup, and then to contract, and our kick-off meeting. Everything was done right. We encounter far too much mediocrity in business and life so we’re thrilled when we meet someone like you and hire a firm like DTC.”

Rhea Campbell, Co-Founder, ImagineMD


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