Digital Marketing for Cannabis Companies

The cannabis industry is more competitive than ever and with changing legislation and tremendous industry growth, you need a partner to help you navigate your digital strategy.

Cannabis Digital Marketing Agency

The cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace and competition is fierce. As the market expands, online visibility is a huge differentiator, and a robust cannabis or dispensary digital marketing strategy becomes key to success. We help our clients leverage their digital platforms to more effectively reach their target audience, build brand awareness, and establish a distinct identity in a crowded market.

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From search engine optimization (SEO) to earning media coverage from top-tier outlets, a well-crafted digital marketing strategy is essential for staying competitive. Let’s work together to drive sustained growth in this dynamic and ever-changing industry.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

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  • Reaching the right audience
  • Navigating restrictions
  • Limited advertising channels
  • Measuring ROI
  • Educating consumers
  • Searchability
  • Budget
  • Competitive landscape
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  • Extensive customer research & precision targeting
  • Knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry
  • Focus on available avenues and strategies that capitalize on opportunities in organic search
  • Transparent results & reporting you can trust
  • Search optimized, educational content
  • Technical site audits and user-first, search-friendly content creation
  • A plan that fits your budget
  • Unique and award-winning strategies to give you a competitive edge

Our Digital Marketing Solutions for the Cannabis Industry


Targeting the right audience

With the widespread legalization of cannabis in states across the country, customers have a lot of choices. We help you stand out in this crowded field and target the people who will become your loyal customer base. By targeting the right audience we can maximize the efficiency of your marketing budgets. Tailoring messages to specific demographics also boosts relevance, fostering engagement and brand loyalty. By targeting potential customers who are already inclined towards cannabis products, conversion rates can be improved, leading to increased sales.


Navigating restrictions

Regulations in the cannabis industry are constantly changing, so it’s important to have a partner that stays on top of industry trends and regulations to ensure that your marketing efforts remain impactful, legal, and ethical. Staying ahead of regulatory changes and nuances allows us to make sure you maintain continuous brand presence and relevance.


Limited advertising channels

The cannabis industry faces unique challenges and regulations due to different state laws and local ordinances. While traditional paid advertising channels are currently off-limits to B2C cannabis companies, we focus on the opportunities that are available to us. We’re here to make sure your digital marketing strategy stays current and adaptable.


Measuring ROI

We get it. Investing in a digital marketing agency is a big decision. We offer comprehensive reporting that sets us apart from other cannabis digital marketing agencies, empowering you to understand exactly how your digital marketing budget is making a difference in your bottom line.


Educating consumers

While marijuana has been around for decades, legalized cannabis is relatively new in the U.S. Part of building your customer base includes educating the public about the benefits and accessibility of cannabis. We help you create content for your site that educates consumers and breaks stigmas. This type of content can also help with building your visibility and earning media coverage, helping you earn trust and respect in the eyes of consumers and Google.



Let’s help your customers find you! We start with an in-depth technical audit of where you’re at now. We’ll help you leverage the content and digital presence you already have and create a strategic plan to help take it to the next level getting you in front of more eyes and in turn, more customers.



Digital marketing is an investment in the future of your business. We work with clients of all sizes and build a plan that works for their goals and their budget. Believe it or not, agencies can be more cost-effective than in-house marketers. We’ll show you how.
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Competitive landscape

The cannabis and CBD industry is a highly competitive landscape experiencing significant market growth. With the legalization of cannabis and CBD products in various regions, countless businesses and entrepreneurs are vying for market share, driving intense competition. Establishing a strong digital presence is essential when it comes to capturing attention and customers.

Our Cannabis Digital Marketing Agency Services

We work with you to build a digital marketing strategy that best suits your immediate needs and long-term goals. Whether it’s optimizing your web pages to get your site in front of potential clients, building content that fits your voice and brand, or creating a strategic plan for your pay-per-click ad campaigns to maximize your budget and potential, we will tailor our marketing strategy to your specific needs. Let’s get started!


Our team of SEO experts takes a comprehensive approach to search engine optimization. We perform site audits, keyword research, content strategy & development, and link-building services to boost your online presence. 

Digital PR

Our online PR strategy will be tailored to meet the needs of your business and industry. We create originally researched content that answers your customers’ questions and builds your brand’s voice and credibility in the eyes of Google.

Paid Media

Our paid media experts optimize your budget through thorough audience research, targeted messaging, and keyword optimization. We create custom measurement plans, empowering you to make data-driven decisions about your paid media accounts.

Why Digital Marketing Matters for Cannabis Companies and Dispensaries

As the cannabis industry grows, establishing a strong online presence is essential for reaching and engaging with a wider audience. Digital platforms provide an avenue to educate consumers about products, showcase offerings, and build brand awareness in an industry constrained by strict advertising regulations.

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Specialized SEO for Cannabis Businesses

With changing legislation and legalization standards on a local basis, it can be difficult to execute a profitable digital strategy for cannabis companies. At Digital Third Coast, we know how to connect cannabis companies and dispensary services with their target audiences online.

Our technical and on-site SEO work for cannabis websites is highly effective in boosting online visibility in search. You’ll see measurable increases in your rankings, improvements in your organic traffic, and most importantly, growth in your customer base.

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Digital PR for Cannabis Companies and Dispensaries

Our digital PR services can help your cannabis company establish credibility within the industry and support your overall SEO goals. We create user-first content that is newsworthy and earns media coverage in the nation’s leading publications.

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Paid Media Advertising (PPC) for the Cannabis Industry

Traditional paid advertising channels are currently off-limits to B2C cannabis companies. However, our team is always vigilant for changes in industry regulations.

Stay tuned for updates about rules and regulations surrounding PPC for cannabis companies and PPC for dispensaries.

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Case Studies: Real Cannabis Clients, Real Results

92% Increase in Backlinks for B2C Cannabis Company


Widespread, linking media coverage for a B2C cannabis dispensary increases website visibility and traffic.

Cannabis Company’s Keyword Visibility Up 685%


Marijuana legalization presented a tight timeline for a cannabis client’s desired results. Our aggressive on-site SEO strategy resulted in a dramatic boost.

Looking For Cannabis Legality

Support for cannabis legalization is growing in the United States and the cannabis industry is exploding right along with it. As new states continue to legalize, those living in cannabis-unfriendly areas are likely wondering when they’ll be next and where they can buy.

For companies looking to break into the “green” market, there’s no better time to sell your services – but with cannabis legality varying from state to state, it’s important to get it right.

In order to find out where America’s most cannabis-curious are located, we recently analyzed Google searches in all 50 states and in 34 of the largest cities where cannabis is not yet fully legal. In addition, we surveyed over 1,000 Americans to learn more about their feelings on cannabis legalization, cannabis use, and marketing in the United States.

cannabis curious, by state

Those most interested in legality seem to be centralized in the American west, with Wyoming topping the list (no.1) with its nearby neighbors North Dakota (no. 2), Iowa (no. 4), and Nebraska (no. 5) rounding out the top 5. West Virginia is the odd man out in the 3rd slot, representing the East Coast.

Southern and Eastern states with mixed legality rank lowest on our list, including Maryland (no. 30), Florida (no. 33). and Pennsylvania (no. 34). These states have medicinal programs, different laws around CBD usage, and some have even decriminalized cannabis.

States looking for cannabis legalization, by state

Southern and Eastern states with mixed legality rank lowest on our list, including Maryland (no. 30), Florida (no. 33). and Pennsylvania (no. 34). These states have medicinal programs, different laws around CBD usage, and some have even decriminalized cannabis.

We found significant search volume inquiring about legalization in states where cannabis is already on the books, most notably, high search volumes in Alaska.

Most Cannabis Curious, by City

America’s major metro areas are hubs for all kinds of businesses. But is the same true for canna-business? We looked at interest at the city-level, analyzing search queries surrounding questions of legalization in 34 of the country’s biggest cities. 

most cannabis curious by city

Interestingly, the top 5 cities that are searching for state cannabis legalization are all located in states where cannabis is completely illegal with Southern and Western states taking the lead. Birmingham, Alabama wins the number 1 slot with Charleston, SC (no. 2), Cheyenne, WY, Nashville, Omaha, and Charlotte not far behind.

American Cannabis Use

With changing degrees of cannabis legalization across the country, are sentiments about cannabis products changing with the times? According to our recent survey, nearly 60% say they use cannabis products.

American cannabis use

Also, not all cannabis users are interested in purchasing from a dispensary – if given the opportunity, 55% of our respondents would “grow their own,” with the most would-be home growers hailing from Montana (no. 1), Arizona (no. 2) and Connecticut (no. 3).

Cannabis Legalization

A whopping 92% of Americans we surveyed are on board with cannabis legalization with 67% looking forward to both medical and recreational use and 25% for medical use only.

Americans thoughts on cannabis legalization federal, state, municipal level

When it comes to why cannabis should be made legal in the United States, answers ran the gamut. The most popular reason? Freedom. Forty five percent of respondents believe that cannabis use is a “matter of freedom or personal choice,” with medical reasons (25%), and freeing up law enforcement (10%) rounding out the top three reasons. 

Survey asked at which level cannabis should be legal in the united states

Interestingly, only 3% of respondents believe that government regulation of cannabis products should be the main reason for legalization. However, out of those that believe that cannabis should be legalized, 72% of respondents think that cannabis should be made legal on the federal level vs. the 24% that would prefer legalization on the state level.

bar chart, at what age should cannabis be legal. Average response was 19.

When asked about the best legal age for cannabis consumption, 52% of respondents believe that 21 is the best age, with 18 not being far behind. Seven percent settled on 25 – which some scientists believe is the best age to begin for brain health.

Cannabis Marketing

Without a doubt, the cannabis industry is booming in the US. This raises questions about where and how cannabis products should be marketed and sold. Much like restrictions on alcohol, nicotine, and pharmaceuticals, cannabis has restrictions in place on advertising that often shift state-to-state.

We asked our respondents to weigh in on cannabis advertising and nearly 40% liken cannabis to alcohol and believe similar advertising restrictions should be on both. 

Where do Americans want to buy cannabis products, survey results

Twenty-five percent of respondents feel as if cannabis is closer to nicotine and should be advertised similarly and 1 in 5 respondents that believe cannabis should be advertised as a pharmaceutical product.

When it comes to where cannabis can be purchased, respondents may be looking a little beyond the standard dispensary. Over half of all respondents think that cannabis should be available at their local pharmacies and 31% want to be able to add cannabis products to their grocery lists – suggesting that cannabis should be sold at your local supermarket, gas station, or newsstand.

The Future of Cannabis Legalization

What does the future hold for cannabis? Well, that’s up to lawmakers. But we asked our respondents whether they felt the trend towards more widespread legalization is hurtful or helpful to society. The overwhelming majority (81%) believe legalization is helpful. 

While we’ve barely scratched the surface when considering the implications of cannabis legalization in the US, one thing is clear: cannabis is here to stay.


In April 2021, we surveyed 1,062 Americans between the ages of 18-75. 49% of respondents were female and 51% respondents were male. The average age of respondents was 37 years old.

Using the Google AdWords platform, we analyzed total search volume for more than 100 phrases and questions related “when cannabis will be legal in [state]” as well variations of those keywords and phrases to account for more colloquial terms for cannabis like “weed,” “pot,” and “marijuana”. Search volume for these phrases and keywords was analyzed over the period of March 2020 to April 2021. Total search volume during this period was then calculated per capita and visualized per 100,000 for each state and largest non-legal city.


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