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  • Impress Google

    We make Google love you, one news story at a time.

    Our digital PR campaigns earn media (and links) from many hundreds of publications, including some of the world’s most prestigious.

    When The Washington Post, USA Today and Forbes link to you, Google takes notice.

  • Original research

    Data-driven stories that get people talking.

    Our Chicago-based team of data journalists produces newsworthy research on your behalf. While the themes of our stories are tangential to your business, the outcome is direct. As your business earns more widespread attention, your authority in search engines grows.

  • High-authority links

    Tap into the power of Google's original patent.

    In 1998, Larry Page filed a patent based on this radical idea: links between websites can impose order on the madness of the world wide web.

    Two decades later, this idea remains at the core of our strategy. While others get distracted by what’s easy or new, we embrace the original concept on which Google is built—your associations determine your worth.


Big time media exposure

Brands we partner with are routinely featured in the world's foremost media publications.



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    PR Daily Content Marketing Awards

    PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards celebrates the power of storytelling. Winners deliver engaging, captivating narratives and earn widespread attention. Our team was awarded Best Newsjacking or Trend-Related Content Marketing in 2020.

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    US Search Awards

    The US Search Awards are like the Oscars of the search industry. Competition is fierce and the honor to win is unmatched. Our digital PR campaign was recognized as a US Search Awards Finalist in 2020.


"Their digital PR strategy is unique and powerful. If you’re looking for a partner to help pursue ambitious digital goals, this is your team.”

Brad Farris, Business Growth Advisor
Anchor Advisors

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    Why Digital PR Is Essential

    Every modern business needs to be competitive in organic search. When customers search for products or services you offer, you need to rank well. Google’s search algorithm is the gatekeeper standing between you and your customers, so you need to impress Google first.

    To determine when and how high a website ranks for a given search term, Google’s algorithm assesses more than 200 factors related to that website. The most powerful of those factors is the website’s link profile. If Google notes that the website is associated with other high-authority sites, via links, it will hold that website in higher regard, resulting in better organic search performance.

    Digital PR is the most scalable and effective way for businesses to grow their link profiles and increase authority in organic search.

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    How Digital PR Works

    For the uninitiated, earning high-authority links is very difficult. It’s a complex and time-consuming strategy that demands a lot of resources. It’s also the most powerful and sustainable of several dozen link building strategies.

    Our Chicago digital PR agency has mastered the practice over many years, and we’re counted among a small handful of agencies worldwide that operate at the most elite level of link building. How do we do it? We make news. Our team produces original, data-driven stories, earning enviable media coverage and high-authority links.

    There are two key characteristics that define our strategy: our stories are tangentially related to our clients’ businesses and they are newsworthy. By avoiding overtly promotional subjects, and appealing to mainstream audiences, the media is eager to feature our work and link to our clients’ websites.

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    What Makes Media Links So Powerful?

    The relative authority of all websites—and their ability to rank for search terms—is neatly captured by a Moz-developed metric called Domain Authority (DA). The Domain Authority of a website can range from 0-100, based on how much traffic it serves, how much content it contains, and how much it’s trusted by users.

    A vast majority of websites score below 50, many well below that. But the most-trafficked and highly-regarded sites on the internet score well into the 90s—YouTube is DA 99, Facebook is DA 95, Amazon is DA 95. Media entities also score very well—USA Today, The New York Times and Forbes are all DA 95; The Wall Street Journal is DA 94; Buzzfeed is DA 93.

    The value of getting a business featured in a high-authority publication is nearly immeasurable. The lasting power of the link’s association, combined with brand visibility, makes this a rare and special victory in digital marketing. Good news is, we do it every day.

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    Is this more about PR or SEO?

    It’s about SEO, first and foremost. Our work certainly increases brand visibility, but that’s not our priority. We are focused exclusively on earning links to build your authority so you rank higher for the keywords most important to your business, whether it's here in Chicago, or on a national scale. Our clients enjoy many benefits from our digital PR campaigns, including social buzz, radio and TV spots, even an occasional feature in print. But the most important results are the ones that influence Google’s algorithm: links.

After an initial one-year contract, 95 percent of our clients continue working with us.

At Digital Third Coast, we pride ourselves on sustainable growth and long-term business relationships. We do honest work, we don't cut corners, our resources are in-house, and our strategies are transparent.

Most important, we employ experts who communicate clearly, execute at advanced levels, and become passionate stewards of the organizations they serve. We look forward to working with you.


Lyndsey Maddox

Director of Business Development

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    Digital PR News

    The Most Valuable Media Placements

    Links from top media publishers are extremely valuable, from both an SEO and digital PR perspective. According to Moz’s Domain Authority metric, news sources like CNN and BBC have domains equal to those of Amazon and Facebook.

    But not every high-authority site is attainable for the everyday link builder. Some sites are the white whales of link building, while other authoritative sites publish a surprising amount of content.

    To make things simpler, we’ve broken down the most valuable, difficult, and attainable digital publishers for link-seeking content creators.


    To begin, we identify the 25 most valuable publishers in the world, based on Domain Authority. We’ve also assigned each publication a difficulty rating, based on our experience pitching content to their editors. Publishers with a difficulty rating of “5” are extremely hard to earn links from – most businesses have no chance, unless they are the subject of a genuinely newsworthy event. Publishers with a difficulty rating of “1” are known to frequently feature or cite original research from businesses, many doing so on a daily basis. It’s important to note that in our approach to link building, there are no paid schemes and no special relationships. We earn media strictly on the merit of the research our clients produce.

    Next, we analyzed the top 100 publishers by Domain Authority, to determine what media verticals are most powerful for link building. While it’s no surprise that general news occupies most of the top 100, we were very interested to find that tech and product news is the next most prominent. Consider this: CNET, Gizmodo, The Verge and enGadget all measure equal to or greater in Domain Authority than Newsweek, National Geographic, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, The Economist and Fast Company. CNET in particular is equal in authority to USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, and more authoritative than NBC News and CBS News.


    Veteran link builders know that certain institutions outside media publishing – particularly those with .gov and .edu domains – deliver significant link equity. While most are extremely difficult to earn links from, we think it’s an important part of the picture as we as an industry seek to understand how and why links are valuable, and as we build link building strategies for various organizations.

    Finally, as an extension of our analysis looking at the difficulty rating for top publishers, we established the top five link building targets in each of six media verticals, based on our own experience pitching hundreds of campaigns to these publishers over the last five years. These rankings are based on a combination of Domain Authority and our placement rates (how frequently a pitch results in a link).

    Also, we’ve included the three toughest targets in four major verticals, based on our experience. If you have a finite amount of time to spend pitching content, note that your chance of earning links from these publications is very low to begin with, as compared to comparable publishers in these verticals.