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Digital Third Coast is a Chicago-based digital PR agency with more than 15 years of award winning content and link building expertise.

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Digital PR That Boosts Your SEO Strategy

Ready to improve your brand’s visibility and authority online? Digital PR is here for you! At Digital Third Coast, our digital PR strategies will strengthen your website’s organic visibility while building the robust backlink profile of your dreams.

How do we do it? We understand that successful digital PR is rooted in your overall SEO goals. We create quality on-site content that leverages your brand’s expertise and impresses Google at every turn. It’s not just about quantity. It’s about quality. Our approach to digital PR content is grounded in research, optimized to the fullest extent, and presented in a way that’s easy to understand, and easier to link to. 

Our online PR strategy will be tailored to meet the needs of your unique business and industry. From headline-grabbing content that earns media coverage to strategic on-site copy written for your audience, you can expect a customized digital PR plan that actively and passively earns links to your website. 

The rules of search are constantly changing. You need a digital PR agency partner who can adapt and continue to earn your valuable links, improved keyword rankings, and drive organic growth. Let’s explore how Digital Third Coast’s digital PR services can help you achieve your earned media goals!

Our Digital PR Process

We have 16+ years of experience in the ever-changing field of digital PR. Our link building prowess is unrivaled, earning our clients more than 31,000 links through our content campaigns. Our award winning process continues to deliver digital PR results by adapting to the current trends in search. 

Quality lies at the core of every digital PR piece we produce. Our digital PR agency creates research-based content with a proven track record of high quality and high authority links. We build brand awareness and create content that helps your brand balance relevance with newsworthiness. Our seasoned team of digital PR experts know how to craft search-optimized copy designed to reach your audience and impress Google, while tackling active media outreach campaigns capable of newsjacking the trickiest of news cycles.


Start our engagement off on the right foot with comprehensive onboarding. Our digital PR onboarding process is structured into three distinct phases:

  • Pre-kickoff
  • Content kickoff
  • Post-kickoff

Ideation &

Success starts by finding the right voice for your brand. We’ll brainstorm and strategize concept topics that will earn you digital visibility on an ongoing basis.

  • Brainstorm
  • Concepts presentation
  • Approval

Content Research & Production

Quality links come from quality content. 100% of our campaigns are research-based, keyword optimized, and packaged with compelling designs.

  • Research (surveys, competitive analysis, data analysis, search trends)
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Keyword optimization

Media Outreach

Earning high-quality and relevant links is our expertise. Our approach to media outreach strategies are targeting, finite, and adaptive.

  • Media list building
  • One-to-one outreach
  • Pitch writing and follow ups
  • Newsjacking

Reporting &

Clear communication throughout the process. Reports tailored to match your digital PR goals.

  • Regular campaign updates
  • Client-facing link reports

Link Building

The core of digital PR lies in strengthening websites’ backlink profile. Through content & online PR campaigns, we’ll secure you high-quality and relevant links.

  • Content creation
  • Keyword optimization
  • Media Outreach
  • Link reports

Why Clients Love Our Digital PR Strategies

“There was so much buzz, that it literally crashed our client’s servers”

“We had visitors from all around the world. We had tons of reputable publications like the Huffington Post, Gawker, and Wired picking up the piece.”

Michael Walters Advertising Agency

“No one has ever been like DTC”

“DTC is interested in our business’s success. We’re a small company that’s fighting a much bigger fish — thanks to DTC, we’re winning.“

John Spaw, Bid-on-Equipment

Don’t just take our word for it. After an initial one-year contract, 95% of our clients continue working with us.

We pride ourselves on sustainable growth and long-term business relationships in the Chicago area. We do honest work, we don’t cut corners, our expert resources are in-house, and our strategies are transparent. After an initial one-year contract, 95% of our clients continue working with us.

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DTC is Among the Top Digital PR Agencies Nationwide

Digital PR That Earns Premium Media Coverage

Our digital PR work is cited and trusted by some of the most reputable and authoritative publications in the U.S. and around the world. Our custom digital PR content strategies are designed to help our clients earn media coverage and placements in top-tier publications and websites. Each brand mention and link we earn sends a signal that our clients are experts in their fields and authorities within their industries. Our results speak for themselves.

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Schedule a free consultation with our expert digital PR team to kickstart your journey towards high-authority, inbound, media coverage. 

During this complimentary call, we’ll delve into your specific business goals, current online challenges, and aspirations. Our seasoned professionals will provide tailored insights, offering a roadmap for potential strategies.

Meet Your Digital PR Team

Tricia Miller

Director of Digital PR

Maria Szatkowski

Maria Pearlman

Senior Content & Media Strategist

Emily Thornton

Emily Fanous

Senior Content & Media Strategist

Gretchen Andsager

Gretchen Andsager

Content Strategist

Allison Hadley

Allison Hadley

Content & Media Strategist

Jen LeMair

Jen LeMair

Media Relations Strategist


The Tools We Use in Your Content Strategy

ahrefs logo

Ahrefs is a powerful tool to find and monitor inbound links to the pages of content we create for you. From evaluating the quality of the earned media coverage, to monitoring keyword rankings and performance, Ahrefs is a one-stop-shop.

Buzzsumo is used by both our content and media strategists to ideate and promote content concepts. The platform allows us to analyze verticals and content topics for the best engagement and outreach opportunities in search.

Cision has an unrivaled database of journalists and publications. Our media strategy team uses Cision to curate tailored media lists and locate our own media “blackbook” of journalists we’ve worked with over the years. We pride ourselves on building relationships that earn coverage for all types of content.

Muck Rack is a media database that our digital PR team uses to identify the right reporters for our content. With detailed information about a journalist’s vertical, coverage history, and preferred channels, Muck Rack helps us customize our outreach strategy.

FAQ: What you Need to Know Before Hiring a Digital PR Agency

How does digital PR work?

Digital PR works by improving your business’s digital visibility through the creation and promotion of strategic on-site content. Some of that content is specifically designed to boost a website’s overall visibility in search through keyword optimization and targeting. While another strategy is creating content designed to secure high-authority links via direct outbound promotion.

At Digital Third Coast, we produce a combination of what we refer to as “news-first” and “audience-first” content to achieve our client’s digital PR goals.

Our “news-first” content is grounded in proprietary research, leverages brand expertise, and is strategically pitched to journalists across the U.S. Each content campaign aims to secure high-authority links from relevant and top-tier publications, thus strengthening a website’s backlink profile. Every link is a signal to Google that your website is a source of trust and authority, helping improve your organic visibility in search and keyword rankings.

Our audience-first content is highly-relevant to each brand, it’s keyword-driven, and it’s designed to help boost brand visibility in organic search results. With its increased visibility, this content drives qualified organic traffic to our clients websites and strengthens each brand’s authority in search for relevant keywords.

How long does digital PR take?

The answer, unfortunately, is “it depends.” 

Digital PR can take a few days, weeks, or sometimes months from start to finish. A research-based digital PR content campaign is broken down into phases: ideation, research, design and production, and finally promotion. The first three of those phases can be executed faster or slower depending on the level of approvals needed, responsiveness, and team bandwidth. We typically allow for two months of active promotion to be able to navigate news cycles and robustly promote our clients’ content to targeted journalists.

For clients opting for more relevant on-site content that is not intended for active media outreach, content can be produced on a faster timeline and is designed to see results (in terms of keyword ranking and visibility) quickly.

What is the typical timeline to see results from digital PR?

Digital PR is a long-term investment in your company’s online visibility. Results of our digital PR efforts vary depending on the digital environment your business exists in and the scope of our engagement. 

We’ll work with you from the start to define measurable goals and objectives, creating a timeframe that reflects your unique goals. 

The immediacy of seeing your target results will depend on the competitiveness of your industry, the consistency of content production, and your initial website authority. 

Active link building campaigns can earn links within a matter of days of the implementation of our media outreach strategy. 

However, we don’t declare wins on one campaign alone. Our engagements are designed to methodically strengthen your website’s backlink profile by earning widespread quality coverage over the course of multiple content campaigns and keyword pages. 

How does digital PR differ from traditional PR?

Traditional PR is exactly what it sounds like – a traditional, direct approach to public relations that utilizes staple channels such as press releases and media to manage public opinion about your brand, your personnel, your products. Digital PR, on the other hand, utilizes newer, digital channels such as websites and social media, to manage brand awareness and simultaneously influence SEO and link building initiatives.

Both aim to build brand awareness, increase positive sentiments about business, and help companies reach broader audiences. Traditional PR can be more difficult to measure, whereas digital PR has easy-to-track metrics and KPI’s when it comes to measuring impressions, engagements, and interactions online.

Read more about the differences on our blog: “Traditional vs. Digital PR

What digital PR metrics do you track and report on?

Our link reports are updated in real-time as our team locates coverage for our digital PR campaigns.

We track Moz’s domain authority (DA) and Ahrefs’ domain rating (DR) of the websites linking to the content, as well as link type (unique vs. syndicated), do follow/no follow, and publication details.

For keyword-driven content, our team tracks the visibility and ranking of keywords as well as page traffic.

Read more about the most important digital PR metrics to track.

What industries do you have experience producing digital PR content for?

Over the past 16 years of digital PR link building, our agency has worked with clients across industries including healthcare, higher education, professional and legal services, B2B, ecommerce, financial services, gambling and gaming, cannabis, and more.

We Work With Clients Across All Industries, Here are Some We’ve Helped!

Our team of digital PR content strategists collaborates with clients and businesses from various sectors all across the United States. We have a wealth of experience in serving a wide range of companies, spanning from B2B to B2C enterprises, each with its distinctive specialization within their respective industries.


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