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We generate unique, buzzworthy, and relevant digital PR ideas that earn top-tier media coverage for our clients.

How We Choose the Best Digital PR Topics for Your Brand

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Campaign ideation is the first step in developing your digital PR strategy! Before we can move forward with content research and strategic media outreach, we need a winning idea. 

Every brainstorm starts with your specific SEO and link building goals in mind. Our goal is to find the perfect voice for your brand by brainstorming topics that best leverage your expertise within your industry. The most successful ideas balance brand relevance with a newsworthy appeal. 

How do we know what’s going to work?

Our team of former journalists constantly monitors trending stories across verticals and publications. We head into every brainstorm with a firm grasp on what’s already making headlines within your industry, identify the coverage and content gaps, and come up with ways that your brand could fill them. 

Our Approach to Digital PR Brainstorms

Our digital PR team uses a variety of tools and tactics to brainstorm potential campaign ideas. The process is thorough, and after an initial brainstorm, we’ll choose the topics we think would be the best fit for you and your brand. When we present ideas, they’re well-researched and fully vetted. 

We’ll explain why we think this topic is a good fit, how we’ll do the research, and who we’ll pitch it to. Here are some of the key considerations in our ideation process.

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Target Audience

We start with the end in mind. What type of coverage do we want to earn? Is the goal niche or widespread?

If there are multiple types of publications we’re targeting, how do we resonate with each one’s audience? 

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We’re attuned to Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

As search continues emphasizing the importance of having helpful content on your site, we’ll work to make sure the ideas we create have a clear tie-in to your brand’s specialization.

Data analysis

Data Options

Our campaigns are all backed by data. We use a variety of methods to conduct research.

Our ideation process outlines where we’ll source the data & analyze the information for your campaign.

Social analysis


We want your content to position you as an authority in your field. For each campaign concept, we’ll make sure there’s ways to find the “hook” in the current news cycle and provide value in the news cycle over time.

What Does Digital PR Brainstorming Look Like?

Our digital PR brainstorming sessions are dynamic, collaborative, and agile. Our team takes time to review your company’s website and we leverage our deep understanding of how newsrooms operate to come up with research topics journalists want to cover. 

What makes our brainstorming sessions unique is that we value each team member’s unique insights and perspectives and even the most unconventional ideas are explored. By combining creativity, experience, and data-driven insights, we ensure the final topics presented to clients are innovative, in line with industry best practices, and poised for success.

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Digital PR & Content Ideation FAQs

Can you provide examples of successful campaigns resulting from your ideation process?

Yes! We regularly earn media coverage for clients in the nation’s leading publications. Our digital PR campaigns have been featured by national, local, lifestyle, health/wellness, business, personal finance, and a slew of other types of outlets. 

You can check out our top digital PR campaigns here.

What role does data and analytics play in your brainstorming and ideation methods?

With more than 15 years of digital PR experience and hundreds of campaigns under our belt, we have a good grasp of what works… and what doesn’t. 

We analyze things like link total, average DA, and media pitch open/click rates for prior campaigns and use that data to drive our brainstorming sessions and help us determine the types of topics that regularly perform well and the best ways to position them.

How soon can I expect to see a list of campaign ideas for my website?

After the onboarding process is complete, we get right to work. Our team typically allocates 1-2 weeks for initial brainstorming, research and analysis.

After that, we’ll present our ideas to you and work together to choose the best fit for your website!


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