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From ideation to publication, our research-based approach to digital PR produces quality content designed to make a buzz.

How We Conduct Research and Turn Data into Compelling Content

Once you choose a topic for your digital PR campaign, we get to work on research, design, copywriting, and keyword optimization.

Quality is king when it comes to content. That’s why our team gathers data from reputable sources, including the U.S. Census, Google Search Trends, and proprietary surveys. With the right data in hand, we develop content designed to earn inbound coverage.

To elevate the content, we develop eye-catching visual graphics that marry our data narratives with your brand’s aesthetic. When the research production phase is done, our digital PR clients receive everything they need for success: proprietary data, compelling visuals, and on-site copy that is designed for organic visibility.

Our Content Research Process


Content Research

We’ll gather and analyze all the information needed for your content. This phase includes steps like writing and launching a survey or analyzing databases and competitive research to ensure you have the best keyword-rich page.


Graphic Design

Effective graphic design tells a story faster and more succinctly than words alone. Our team works with graphic designers to match your brand style and guidelines to produce a compelling visual that compliments our pitching strategy.


Keyword Optimization

We’re a team of storytellers with a secret weapon – keyword optimization. Every piece of content that we send to clients is complete with on-page copy and targeted keywords, designed for organic visibility.

Our Data-Driven Approach to Content

Our digital PR campaigns are unique, newsworthy, and driven by data. We use several methods of research to craft compelling content and find storylines that news outlets and digital publications want to cover.

We position our clients as trusted thought leaders in their field, and with in-depth data to back up our campaigns, journalists take note. The research we do for clients is regularly featured in the nation’s leading media outlets.

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Our team writes, designs, and conducts surveys to gather proprietary data and drive content creation. We use highly renowned survey platforms, and our team members are experts when it comes to analyzing the results.

  • Fresh insights
  • Proprietary information
  • Representative & demographic-specific samples
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Search Trends

A Google search history can tell you a lot about a person and what’s trending. We take it to the next level and use state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to figure out what Americans at large are doing online and we capitalize on emerging topics.

  • State and city-specific trends
  • National and global trends
Data analysis

Data Analysis

Our team doesn’t just collect new data for content campaigns, we’re pros at dissecting complex and publically available datasets. We have the time, resources, and a knack for news judgment that allows us to dive into the numbers and find fresh storylines for content campaigns.

  • Rankings
  • Competitive insights
Social analysis

Social Analysis

Social media analysis offers a treasure trove of data. By leveraging insights from platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter) we can examine audience engagement and behavior.

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Trending hashtags

Graphic Design: What Does Our Content Look Like?

Our content research is thorough and in depth, but our finished campaigns are concise, easy to understand, and visually captivating.

We work with graphic designers to ensure that each client’s brand guidelines, preferred fonts, and distinctive color palette are seamlessly integrated into each campaign. The branded infographics not only convey the data/storyline quickly and effectively, but also position our clients as authoritative leaders in their respective industries.

Examples of content

Our Copywriting & Keyword Optimization

What you write on your landing page is important. Not just for persuading and delighting users who read it, but also for conveying authority and expertise to Google and other search engines.

We understand the importance of well-crafted copy. That’s why every piece of content we produce for you — whether it’s surrounding a data-driven narrative, providing a resource to prospective clients, or filling a content gap between you and your competitors — is complete with optimized on-site copy.

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Our team of content strategists will write compelling on-site copy to accompany all content recommendations.

  • Adding context
  • Easy to read
  • Polished and compelling
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Keyword Optimizations

We want your content to organically bring traffic to your site, even when there’s no active outreach.

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Keyword optimization
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SEO Recommendations

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. Our team stays atop the latest rankings updates to make sure the copy we write for you will help your page’s visibility.

  • Helpful Content formatting
  • Internal linking
  • Title tag & meta descriptions

Content Research FAQs

What research topics do you specialize in?

There isn’t a niche we can’t work with. We’ve worked with clients in industries ranging from financial services and healthcare, to home & garden, and even industrial machinery! Whether you want keyword-driven content specific to your niche and industry, or more newsworthy link building campaigns, we have the experience in digital PR to make it happen.

How long does research take?

Our research period is typically 4-6 weeks from concepts pitched to publication on your website. We take a thorough and meticulous approach to all data collection and analysis. During this period, we ensure each content campaign is crafted with precision, accuracy, and newsworthy narratives.

We build the data narrative, collaborate with our graphic designers on your graphics, build out your on-page copy, and keyword optimize it. By the end of the 4 to 6 week period of our research and design, you’ll have everything you need for digital PR success.

What deliverables do I receive?

The whole package! We produce fully finished content campaigns that are ready to be uploaded to your website. You’ll receive a set of comprehensive deliverables including finalized PNG of your on-page graphics, on-site copy, and SEO recommendations like title tags, meta description, and internal links. The copy is optimized for both users and search engines.

What Clients Are Saying About Our Content…

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“You’ve got all the big name links that show up there, but also within all of that is CBS local in Chicago, NBC local in Baltimore, all over the country we now have high-value links, our content is being shown in local distribution areas, which is now giving us name recognition.”

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