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From the start, we'll align your content goals with the right digital PR strategy for your business

Start Your Digital PR Strategy on the Right Foot

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The decision to invest in a digital PR strategy is significant. What can you expect when you sign up for digital PR and content strategy with Digital Third Coast?

Let’s dive into a comprehensive overview of our digital PR client onboarding process, from first calls and introductions to campaign timelines and reporting.

Transparency and accountability are paramount to each one of our client relationships.

We’ll set you up for digital PR success with comprehensive onboarding designed to answer any questions you may have about our engagement.

Our Digital PR Onboarding Timeline

Once your digital PR contract is signed, sealed, and delivered to our CEO, Lyndsey Maddox, the fun begins! Our digital PR onboarding is divided into three phases: pre-kickoff, content kickoff, and post-kickoff.



We’ll get to know your brand, its niche, and your competitors.

  • Brand research
  • Content gap analysis
  • Brainstorm & ideation

Content Kickoff

We’ll meet with you to discuss our content & media outreach process from start to finish.

  • Team introduction
  • Goals and objectives
  • Timeline review
  • Content concepts introduction


Our team gets to work on putting together your content strategy.

  • Content concept approval
  • Content production and outreach
  • Ongoing reporting

Why Work With an SEO Agency

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We’ll spend time getting to know your brand. From analyzing your website’s backlink profile to better understanding the publications and websites that fall within your niche. During the pre-kickoff phase, your Content Strategist will coordinate with your SEO Account Manager to discuss initial content recommendations for your website. We’ll host a brainstorm to generate your first round of active link building campaign concepts, and schedule your kickoff meeting to run through it all.

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1. Scope of Work: Our commitment to transparency begins with a detailed review of the scope of our engagement. We set clear expectations for your digital PR needs, outlining the resources available with your dedicated content team. As part of the scope of work, we’ll walk you through the timeline for content creation and media outreach.

2. Goals & Challenges: Digital PR is just one part of your overarching digital marketing strategy. Our approach to all client relationships means having honest conversations about your business, your website, and your competition. Before we dive into content creation and recommendations, we’ll align on goals and expectations. Identifying potential challenges we may face along the way and strategizing ways to overcome them.

3. Content: During your initial kickoff meeting, your Content Strategist will present initial content recommendations for active link building campaigns and overall on-site content strategy. These concepts have been brainstormed, fleshed out, and reviewed by our content creators and media strategists to make sure they’re the best balance of brand relevance and newsworthiness. For clients who also work with our SEO team, we’ll present the initial roadmap for resource and keyword content designed to help you rank, and rank fast.

4. Reporting: Transparency is at the heart of our digital PR reporting. You’ll have regular email touchpoints with your Content Strategist during the content research and media outreach phase of our engagement, in addition to monthly reporting calls, and a link report interface to track the results of your active link building campaigns in real time.

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Once our digital PR kickoff meeting wraps, the fun begins! Our content team will enter the execution phase of our engagement, starting with mapping out your specific digital PR strategy. Once we get approval for the topic of your first active link building campaign, your Content Strategist will begin research, graphic design, and on-site copywriting.

You’ll have several touchpoints throughout the content research process before you receive the final package, ready for upload and promotion. We meet with all clients to discuss media outreach preferences, and then embark on the link-building media outreach phase of the engagement. Then it’s rinse, and repeat!

What You Need to Know About Our Digital PR Onboarding Process

How long does it take to onboard?

Typically, within a week of signing your contract with Digital Third Coast, your account managers will schedule an introductory kickoff meeting. Your business is unique — we’ll talk through our digital PR process and create a strategy aimed at deliverables that mean the most to you.

Our team will coordinate a content kickoff and content recommendations as soon as budget and scope allow!

What is the timeline for onboarding meetings with Digital Third Coast?

Onboarding with Digital PR starts immediately! Your initial kickoff meeting will be within your first week of engagement with DTC. It’s important for us to get a sense of your expectations and business goals before we jump into planning your digital PR strategy. After our initial kickoff meeting, we’ll meet one to two weeks later to discuss content concepts and introduce our initial roadmap for your tailored digital PR strategy.

Specific content topics will be introduced within your first few weeks, and content research and production starts immediately upon approval. Before you know it, you’re on your way towards inbound media coverage!

What do I need to provide during the onboarding process?

An openness to our strategic recommendations and a vision of your digital PR goals.

Are you looking for a handful of niche, high-authority links? Or are your digital PR goals broader and more geographically diverse? Are you interested in additional collaboration with your targeted keyword strategy, or is your initial focus on building your website’s backlink profile?

We’ll guide you through these initial conversations to align your goals with our strategic recommendations.


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