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Everyone knows content is important. Some make an honest effort to create it but few are effective.

Our clients are among the few. We drive traffic, increase conversions and nurture leads.

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Why Inbound Marketing?

This isn’t just about maintaining a blog. At DTC, we lead highly-strategic inbound campaigns that turn leads into customers.

What makes us different? We integrate our campaigns with rigorous SEO analysis, giving us the insight and agility needed to achieve our clients’ most ambitious goals.

Why great content isn’t enough

If you invest in a bunch of content that never gets in front of customers, does it really exist? Yes it does… but your money up and vanished. You need consistent, qualified traffic to get any kind of return on an inbound investment. That’s why we insist on doing comprehensive SEO work alongside any inbound campaign.

How analysis drives strategy

We’re constantly studying how your prospects articulate their searches, how they engage with on-site content and which ones become customers. This constant analysis allows us to be nimble and make adjustments to how you perform in search and how we engage people when they hit your site.

How closed-loop marketing works

Closed-loop marketing is about uncompromising data collection. In order to be smart, efficient marketers, we need to know the whole story every time a potential customer becomes an actual customer (or fails to become one). So we track everything. We follow each visitor and study their engagement with your site and content, helping us understand what influences their journey.

DTC's Unique Approach

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    How we use content to convert contacts to leads

    Our content is crafted to influence specific people at specific points along the journey to become a customer.

    It takes careful execution to nurture a prospect as they come to understand their own needs and how your business can fulfill them. We will direct this process and make sure every piece of content you invest in is fulfilling its role.

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    What makes a piece of content valuable

    Each resource we develop for a client has a specific function in terms of how it relates to a prospect.

    We study needs, pain points, questions, objections, everything. That way, when we have the opportunity to get content in front of these people, we can be sure it’s content that speaks directly to them, in the moment.

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    How leads are nurtured through the sales funnel

    Leads are nurtured primarily through email marketing, blogging and social.

    We want to make sure prospects are aware of us and we want to provide them the exact information they need to move forward in the buyer’s journey. Email marketing is particularly effective because it allows us to segment leads into groups and deliver highly specific content and offers.


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