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Every business wants more customers, leads, and phone calls.

Digital Third Coast is a local SEO company that uses both on-site and off-page SEO strategies to improve your website’s ranking in Google for relevant local searches.

Founded in 2007, We have been developing and implementing local SEO strategies for over 16 years.

We are able to achieve our goals by doing detailed local SEO audits, developing and implementing local SEO strategies, managing local listings, implementing Schema markup, optimizing Google Business Profiles, and providing ongoing SEO support.

Get More Customers with Our Local Search Engine Optimization Services

We leverage Google’s local search platform (Google Business Profile) to make a big sales impact for businesses.  Google Business Profiles (GBPs) are one of the most underestimated sources of traffic and revenue, and it’s free (like organic traffic) but the ranking factors are slightly different.

GBP results typically rank above the organic search results and right below the Google Ads. Whether you have one location or 25, we can help bring your local search visibility to life and bring more customers to your door.

What’s important to Google in local search?

Google considers five major ranking factors when it comes to your digital visibility in local search rankings.



Your location, address, and phone number are static so you can’t change much about that. But your location is indicative of where you rank although positive reviews can expand your radius.



The information you provide in your local business profiles is critical.

Too little info and Google doesn’t know what you’re about. Too much page “optimization” and you can be dinged for spammy tactics. Putting in the wrong kind of info to try and game the system can lead to all kinds of issues.



Reviews of your products or services are very important for both customers and Google. In fact, reviews are one of the biggest ranking factors in Local Search. Google uses the words that customers leave in your reviews to rank your business for those queries. The more positive reviews you have, the higher you rank in the local results, and the wider the radius your site will be visible.


Citations & Links

Mentions and links to your business increase your popularity in Google’s eyes.

We don’t need huge volumes of links, but we do need to ensure we have some important local ones as part of your market strategy.


Local landing pages

Google wants helpful content, keywords, clean URLs, fast page load speeds, and other key signals.

Optimizing your local landing page(s) is a fundamental part of ranking well so potential customers can find you.

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Our Approach to Local SEO

Digital Third Coast is an experienced and award-winning Chicago-based local SEO agency. Whether you’re a small business with an extremely local customer base, or a national brand with locations across the United States, a well-managed local SEO strategy is critical to your long term success. We understand that maintaining local listings can be tedious and overwhelming. But with thorough oversight and a comprehensive plan, our approach to local SEO will drive the business conversions you’ve only dreamed of! 

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Keyword Research

We conduct thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-converting keywords for each location. In order for your local listings to have organic visibility, we need to understand how your target customer base is searching.

Language is often regionally specific, meaning your local SEO keywords may need to be adjusted accordingly. Our thorough keyword researching process will get to the root of your customers’ search behaviors, language choices, and much more.

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Claiming and Optimizing

Local listings give potential customers valuable insights about your business’s operations. At the start of our local SEO strategy, we claim and optimize your Google Business Profiles (GBP). We keep up with all the latest changes that need to be made. This ensures that you are communicating the proper signals to Google. The more robust your local listings, the better the ranking.

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Review Strategy

Customer reviews play a critical role in local SEO. When your business’s local listing appears in the Map Pack in Google, many potential customers are looking for signals that your business is trustworthy. What better way to convey trust than a 5-star review? Our Chicago-based local SEO experts will set up a client review strategy to encourage your customers to review you on Google or any other major source of traffic.

Our review strategy helps you get more of the reviews you want, and less of the ones you don’t.

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Local Citations

We identify and submit your business information to the important local citation sources that impact your local rankings. These include local directories, resource sites, and other local publications.

The list of citation sources includes:

• Google Business Profile
• Bing Places/Apple Maps
• Yahoo! Local/Yellow Pages
• Yelp
• Foursquare
• Facebook Business Profile
• MapQuest
• LinkedIn Business Profile

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SEO Best Practices

We’ve been doing SEO for over 16 years and follow SEO best practices. A lot of the same principles that apply to SEO optimization also apply to local search. Things like keyword optimization, page load speed, helpful content, and other technical SEO factors are important to your local rankings.

Customized Local SEO Reporting

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Your business is unique. Your reporting should be too! At Digital Third Coast, we create custom reporting sheets to reflect the specific goals and conversions that matter most to each individual SEO client.

Here’s what you can expect to receive:

  • Custom dashboard with all the important metrics in one place for you to access at once.
  • Separated data on local traffic from your organic traffic so that you know how much local traffic you’re getting and what impact it’s having on your business.
  • Measure leads and phone calls driven by your local SEO initiatives.
  • Local rank tracking.

Pricing: Local SEO Services

Our pricing for local services depends on the type of business and the competition in the area. We also take the number of locations into account. Call us for a free consultation to find out how we can help achieve your local SEO goals.

Why Clients Love Working With Us

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They’ve really offered consultations and suggestions for improvement that we hadn’t experienced before.

“We had a previous account manager before Digital Third Coast who was not as proactive as they are. They’ve really offered consultations and suggestions for improvement that we hadn’t experienced before. Digital Third Coast continues to exceed our expectations for this partnership.”

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