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Consumer-Focused Study Earns 150+ Placements for B2B Advertising Company

Research-based content on the emerging trend of non-alcoholic drinks among young adults earned significant media coverage in top-tier publications and secured 115+ media placements with a link average DA of 60.


  • 115

    media placements

  • 80+

    total links

  • 60

    average DA of links

The Client

The Client is an online B2B advertising company. They help Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) advertisers target, optimize, measure and enable sales-based outcomes.

The Objective

At the onset of our engagement, the Client wanted a digital marketing agency to amplify its on-site optimizations with an outbound link building strategy. The Client’s particular focus on digital PR was aimed at enhancing their website’s visibility by growing a robust backlink portfolio of links with high-quality earned media coverage.

Digital PR Content Strategy


    The problem

  • The Client wanted to strengthen their digital visibility and build brand awareness in high-authority publications but didn’t have the staffing to execute an outbound link-building strategy on their own that would secure the magnitude of earned media places.


    The solution

  • We helped create a consumer-research-based campaign around a trending topic designed to capture journalists’ attention. We were careful to pick a topic and frame a survey around the concept of non-alcoholic drink and the drinking preferences of young adults. By mirroring the Client’s expertise and anticipating journalistic interest in the beverage industry stories, we were able to secure widespread interest and media attention.


    Why it matters

  • In today’s highly competitive digital marketing landscape, it can be challenging to strengthen digital visibility while establishing brand recognition in prominent, high-authority publications. When you create content centered around a trendy topic, it can be a reliable way to earn media coverage in local, national, and niche media outlets.

    This digital PR campaign included a survey of more than 1,000 Americans to understand their drinking habits and preferences better. The data was also analyzed by generation, which provided another notable and interesting angle for journalists. The topic of being ‘sober curious’ was not just timely with the news cycle, but it also held relevance to both the client’s industry and their areas of expertise.

The initial study entitled “Sober Curious Nation: One in Three Americans are Trying to Drink Less Alcohol in 2023” earned 115 media placements, with 87 backlinks and more than 4,000 social media engagements across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit.


In the months following the campaign’s launch, the Client’s website saw an increase in high-authority and high-quality linking domains. Coverage included publications such as the San Antonio Current, FOX 5 New New York, Skift, TastingTable, CNN, and InsideHook. Through strategic content creation and outreach, we reinforced our client’s position as a trusted industry leader and drove substantial organic growth.


Average DA of linking coverage

Our digital PR content campaign earned 115 media placements from high-authority publications. The average DA of backlink coverage was 60. This backlink-building success significantly boosted our client’s SEO efforts, enhancing their online visibility and credibility.

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