SEO + Content Case Study

Keyword optimized content earns ongoing coverage

Original research secures widespread and ongoing media coverage, establishing client as an industry thought leader on the topic of package theft.

Results Highlights

  • 313

    media placements

  • 64

    Avg. domain authority (DA) of placements

  • 26%

    of placements secured after outreach ceased

The Client

C+R Research is a market insights agency that produces consumer research for a variety of industries.

The Objective

We set out to produce a piece of original research that would establish C+R Research as an industry & subject matter expert, capture the news cycle, and continue earning valuable, SEO-enhancing placements during and after media outreach.

Digital PR Strategy

Produce newsworthy, timely, original research to secure media placements


    The Problem

  • Oftentimes, content only earns media coverage during a single news or outreach “cycle.” While there are immediate benefits to a website’s backlink profile and and digital visibility during the outreach campaign, the SEO benefits are enhanced if the content continues to earn residual coverage.

    To earn that coverage, the content needs to have a robust inbound link profile and rank highly for relevant keywords such that journalists can easily find it via search.


    The Solution

  • Produce research that had cyclical news value and was optimized for user-intent keywords.

    The content was scheduled to be published before Thanksgiving. In anticipation of the holiday news cycle, we chose a topic that we knew had both seasonal and year-round interest: package theft.

    The content featured specific, holiday-related package theft statistics as well as data points that could be useful to year-round reporting about package theft. We then keyword optimized the narrative so that the content would rank for relevant queries once the page had a substantial inbound link profile.

    Our outreach team pursued an aggressive six-week outreach campaign, securing a high volume of extremely authoritative links. This initial push for media coverage raised the research’s keyword rankings and set it up for successful coverage throughout the following months.


    Why it Matters

  • Our client was able to achieve ongoing link building and digital PR success without having to pay for additional outreach.

    Essentially, the work was being done for free as we set the content up to be successful in its own right.

The content earned widespread media coverage in many of the nation’s leading digital publications and news outlets in major metropolitan areas. During our 6-week outreach campaign the content earned 232 media placements with an average domain authority of 67.


One year after its publication, the package theft study became the 3rd most-visited page on the client’s website. While the page had spikes of activity during the period of direct media outreach, we tracked consistent site traffic in the following months.


of the content’s total placements were secured without direct media outreach.

After the initial outreach push, the content experienced tremendous keyword visibility for queries surrounding package theft. As a result, we saw an additional 81 placements after our media outreach campaign concluded. The content itself had become a resource for journalists seeking package theft statistics.

One year after it’s launch, the content ranks on the first page of search results for competitive, relevant keywords including “package theft statistics 2019,” “package theft data, and “package delivery theft.”

This high visibility in rankings and search results has contributed to its residual placements and ongoing SEO benefits to the client’s website.

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