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Domain Authority spikes 76% after website migration

Ongoing SEO and digital PR work strengthened the organic visibility and Domain Authority (DA) of a healthcare IT Client’s website after a complex website migration.

The Client

The Client is a healthcare IT and data management firm. Their primary focus is to migrate and archive patient, employee, and business records for healthcare organizations.

The Objective

The Client had two competing websites and domains for their business. To strengthen their visibility and eliminate keyword cannibalization between the two urls, we merged and migrated the content onto one, more powerful, domain. Upon completing the migration, our focus became strengthening the authority and visibility of that new website even further. Ultimately, the Client wanted to outrank and outpace their competition by raising their website’s Domain Authority.


  • 76%

    increase in domain authority (DA)

  • 96%

    increase in avg. keyword rank

SEO Strategy

Ongoing technical work & digital PR content to incrementally improve domain authority


    The Problem

  • The Client’s website’s Domain Authority (DA) was hindering their business goals. The site had a score considerably lower than their biggest competitors, which meant decreased visibility and lost business opportunities in their industry.

    The higher the DA, the more favorably Google ranks content in search results. If the Client had content similar to their competitors (with higher DA’s) then it stands to reason that their competitors would appear first and secure more organic traffic for targeted keywords.


    The Solution

  • We needed to raise the Client’s DA to improve their organic visibility. We migrated their two, competing domains into one, more powerful url. By consolidating the content and using a series of 301 redirects, we signaled to Google the Client’s new website was the true source of information.

    To improve the authority of the newly merged site, we produced a series of data-driven digital PR campaigns that directed inbound links from top-tier media to their site. By building the site’s backlink profile we continued to signal trustworthiness and authority to Google’s algorithm.


    Why it Matters

  • The site migration was the first step in improving the Client’s organic visibility. Our technical on-site work built a stronger, more authoritative website that wasn’t plagued by the issues of content cannibalization. But that alone is not enough, by pairing our SEO and digital PR services together, we were able to lead a dual strategy that amplified their visibility.

The dashed line indicates the point at which we migrated the Client’s two websites. You can see a fairly steep increase in domain authority (DA) in the months leading up to the migration, during which we produced our first several link building, digital PR campaigns. After the migration, you can see steady, marked improvements in their DA, pushing them ahead of their competitors. Their competitors all had newer websites with less content, and thus a lower page authority score than the Client’s robust, migrated site.


increase in Domain Authority (DA) in 24 months.

Not only did the Client’s website surpass its competitors, but the Client saw a dramatic, 76% increase in DA in a matter of months.

At the same time, the Client’s average keyword ranking improved 96%. We track the average ranking in organic search engine results for highly competitive keywords, critical to visibility in our client’s industry. At the start of this effort, the Client had an average keyword ranking of 55, appearing on page five or six for many search queries. By the end of this effort, we improved the average appearance in search engine results to page two or three.

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