SEO + Content Case Study

90% spike in organic traffic post-site migration

After handling a complicated site migration, our SEO experts embarked on strategic on-site optimizations aimed at improving overall site performance by emphasizing high-conversion service pages over high-traffic blog pages to obtain business results.


  • 90%

    organic sessions

  • 13%

    increase in goal completions

The Client

The client is a healthcare IT and data management firm. Their primary focus is to migrate and archive patient, employee, and business records for healthcare organizations.

The Objective

Increase targeted traffic to product and service pages to increase overall conversions.

SEO Strategy

Focus organic traffic growth to service and product pages


    The Problem

  • We previously merged the client’s two websites into one, more authoritative site. In the months after, we noticed the new website experienced a higher volume of traffic on its blog pages than on its service pages. While overall website traffic looked good, the majority of their organic traffic was landing on blog pages and leading to a low conversion rate. Which, in turn, impacted the client’s business goals.


    The Solution

  • We needed to shift the weight of the traffic from the non-converting blog pages to the higher-converting service pages and product pages. Our SEO team did extensive keyword mapping and performed a series of on-page optimizations to key service pages, including new title tags and targeted content, to improve visibility and ranking of conversion-driven pages.

    One key component of this project involved collaboration with a vendor to introduce a short form onto every service page. These readily accessible points of conversion encouraged potential customers to click through, rather than falling off the site without ever filling out a contact form.


    Why it Matters

  • It’s incredibly easy to focus on overall traffic numbers to gauge success and visibility of a website. However, by diving deeper to see where that traffic is going we were able to prioritize projects that wouldn’t just produce new traffic, but would produce traffic that would become a customer.

In a 20-month period our client experiences a 90% increase in organic traffic to service and product pages.


Increase in organic traffic in first 12 months

In the first year, our SEO team’s on-page optimizations and keyword mapping attracted high-quality traffic to the client’s service pages leading to a 24% increase in organic sessions. This, in turn, led to a 13% increase in their top indicator of digital success: contact form completions. When we compared January 2020 to January 2022, organic traffic to


Strengthening the client’s digital visibility in the healthcare IT space didn’t end after the site migration. To capitalize on the improved authority we secured by merging two websites into one, we needed to continue to perform on-site optimizations and boost keyword visibility. By focusing on growing the organic traffic to the client’s service and product pages we prioritized projects that lead to the type of business-growing conversions our client came to us to produce.

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