SEO + Content Case Study

Competitive Content Strategy for Law Firm Increases Organic Users 196%

Strategic content strategy created skyrocketed visibility in organic search results for a highly competitive keyword, driving traffic and new business.

Landing Page Results

  • 196%

    increase in new organic users for the page from July to October

  • 197%

    increase in landing page sessions from July to October

  • 42%

    increase in avg. engagement time, per organic session sitewide from July to October

The Client

Goldberg Law Group is a Chicago-based law firm that primarily operates in medical licensing and cannabis law, in addition to several other legal practices.

The Objective

At the onset of our engagement, it was clear Goldberg Law Group wanted a refreshed SEO content strategy after working with another agency. We set an objective to create highly competitive content that drove the correct organic sessions and leads to target the right people for them. We wanted to demonstrate clear, early results with this new strategy and targeted one key page and keyword.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

Using KOB Strategy to Maximize Results


    The problem

  • They felt like their content strategy with their previous SEO agency partner was “stale.” They needed to see an increase in not just organic traffic, but actual new leads from that traffic.


    The solution

  • We set out to correct their content slump by targeting high-value, low difficulty keywords with custom-built landing pages designed to convert. We mapped out a multi-page content strategy, but to get buy-in from the client, we started with one strategic landing page. The goal of that page was to illustrate how quickly and effectively this type of audience-first content could perform and deliver the results they wanted to see.


    Why it matters

  • This type of strategic content goes against many broad stroke SEO efforts to create content “just because.” By finding competitive gaps we identified keywords and content ideas that could produce quick, high-ranking results that directly reached users searching for Goldberg Law Group’s specific services. The specificity of the page also made it very easy to track and attribute conversions to demonstrate real-time results.

Within the first several months of the page’s publication we saw a 197% increase in organic sessions. The page continues to rank well and drive conversions.


Hiring an SEO partner can be daunting, and expensive. We wanted to build trust that our strategies would deliver the types of results our clients come to us seeking.

By structuring this strategy to start with one trial landing page, we demonstrated the scalability of the strategy long term. We tracked performance and metrics to illustrate that this targeted content was reaching the right users by measuring not only sessions to the page, but the total number form fills and calls to the office for help specifically related to the keyword and service we highlighted with our content.


Increase in the average engagement time per session within the first three months of the content being published.

Oftentimes content drives traffic but not engagement or conversions, especially when it’s designed for keyword visibility. The strategic benefit of this audience-first content is that it specifically targets competitive keywords that have conversion intent behind them. We saw not only an increase in overall organic sessions after the page launched, but an increase in what those users did once they landed on Goldberg Law’s website.

Beyond the quick visibility and influx of relevant audience traffic to Goldberg Law Group’s website, the client also reported a measured increase in qualified leads directly related to the services highlighted on the content landing page.

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