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Protecting packages

How DTC's expert content marketing impacted Shorr Packaging

 - 8,000 social shares

 - 170 media placements

 - 33% increase in keywords ranking on page 1 of Google

 - US Search Awards winner

 - The Communicator Awards winner

DTC + Shorr Packaging

For over 90 years, Shorr Packaging Corp. has provided its customers with products and services designed to deliver the best packaging solutions to its customers.

Digital Third Coast is a digital marketing agency that generates leads and sales for businesses using industry-leading SEO practices.

Shorr partnered with Digital Third Coast to increase traffic to its website and generate qualified leads. The subject of this case study is a successful link building campaign for the website using custom research, a creative infographic and media outreach. 

A 33% increase of keywords in Google search positions 1-3

Target Audience

The subject of the infographic – Protecting Packages: Package Theft Report – detailed the widespread issue of home package delivery theft, which affects 23 million Americans a year. This all too common issue has wide appeal to online shoppers, which includes all demographics and adult age groups (Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers).

We targeted audiences and readers of top-tier publications in a variety of media verticals, including lifestyle, business, retail and entrepreneurship. We targeted publications with a domain authority of 50 or higher (on a scale of 1-100) with an emphasis on publications with a score of 80 or higher.   

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The objective for this campaign was to build top-tier links with high domain authority to and earn organic mentions in a variety of online publications to increase keyword rankings for the client’s most targeted search terms.


Our goal was to boost search result rankings for keywords associated with the client’s core business competencies. To do that, we developed content tangentially related to Shorr’s core business – online shopping and home delivery methods. We believed – correctly – that this topic appealed to journalists and mass audiences.

The campaign had a $10,000 budget, split between research, content production and media outreach.

Content Development
During the ideation process, we created a mindmap to identify topics related to Shorr’s business focus. We selected a topic – package theft – that we knew we could express as a narrative infographic – a highly attractive format to journalist and an impactful experience for readers.

We surveyed 1,000 people to understand who’s been affected by package theft, what cautionary methods Americans are taking to avoid their online shipments from getting taken, and to see how they think online retailers can keep their packages safe. This proprietary information informed the narrative infographic.

Journalists and editors are incentivized by views, social shares, impressions and other engagement metrics. So, the most important aspect of our outreach strategy was finding the right journalists and editors to share our content. 


Links and Placements
From May 23 to the present (campaign remains active), we earned 170 total links from 25 hours of media outreach and promotion.

Eighteen percent of the placements were from sites with a domain authority of 80 or higher and 81% of the placements were from sites with a domain authority of 50 or higher.

Examples of top linking sites include: USA Today (domain authority 96), Forbes (96), CNBC (95), Entrepreneur (93), Inc. (91), and Apartment Therapy (86).

This content was also syndicated on the CNBC news network.

Equivalent Ad Spend and ROI
The total aggregate readership for this campaign was 302,333,826 and the total ad equivalency for this campaign was $1,132,386. (This is calculated using the readership, potential viewership and average ad cost of each placement. It represents how much the editorial coverage would cost as placed as advertisements.)

This infographic received nearly 8,000 social shares.

Based on ad equivalency alone, the return on investment for this campaign is 11,324%.

Keyword Success
All tracked related keywords showed tremendous upward movement in organic search results.
At the campaign onset, 46 keywords ranked in positions 1 to 3 on the first page of Google results. As of October (most recent available data), 61 keywords ranked in positions 1 to 3 – a 33% increase to the most valuable search engine ranking positions.