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Viral research study earns 170+ media placements and increases the number of Page 1 keyword rankings in Google by 33%.


  • 8,000

    social shares

  • 170

    media placements

  • 33

    Percent increase in Page 1 Keywords

The Client

For more than 90 years, Shorr Packaging Corp. has provided its customers with products and services designed to deliver the best packaging solutions to its customers.

The Objective

The objective for this campaign was to build top-tier links with high domain authority to and earn organic mentions in a variety of online publications to increase keyword rankings for the client’s most targeted search terms.

Digital PR Strategy

Generate media interest through creation & promotion of original research


    The Goal

  • Our goal was to boost search result rankings for keywords associated with the client’s core business competencies. To do that, we developed content tangentially related to Shorr’s core business – online shopping and home delivery methods. We believed – correctly – that this topic appealed to journalists and mass audiences.


    The Strategy

  • The campaign had a $10,000 budget, split between research, content production and media outreach.

    During the ideation process, we created a mindmap to identify topics related to Shorr’s business focus. We selected a topic – package theft – that we knew we could express as a narrative infographic – a highly attractive format to journalist and an impactful experience for readers.

    We surveyed 1,000 people to understand who’s been affected by package theft, what cautionary methods Americans are taking to avoid their online shipments from getting taken, and to see how they think online retailers can keep their packages safe. This proprietary information informed the narrative infographic.


    Why it Matters

  • Journalists and editors are incentivized by views, social shares, impressions, and other engagement metrics. So, the most important aspect of our outreach strategy was finding the right journalists and editors to share our content.

    At the same time, content that is overtly relevant to a B2B company can see overly promotional or advertorial. We needed to create & promote content that reflected aspects of the client’s expertise while simultaneously offering something “new” and newsworthy to journalists.


The infographic is a terrific piece, and the specific campaign around it was honored with a Communicator Award. Based on the number of online searches that include our key phrases, their work has increased the brand’s visibility by 293%. We’ve also experienced a 180% increase in organic web traffic and a 128% increase in online conversions.

Cassie Spenny, Digital Marketing Specialist, Shorr Packaging Corp.

Media Coverage & Results

From May 23 to the present (campaign remains active), we earned 170 total links from 25 hours of media outreach and promotion.

Eighteen percent of the placements were from sites with a domain authority of 80 or higher and 81% of the placements were from sites with a domain authority of 50 or higher. Examples of top linking sites include USA Today (domain authority 96), Forbes (96), CNBC (95), Entrepreneur (93), Inc. (91), and Apartment Therapy (86).

This content was also syndicated across the CNBC news network. With a significant backlink profile of high authority websites, these placements pass along greater value and authority to the client’s website.

Our outreach efforts resulted in placements in 29 states, 55 cities, and 66 national publications and websites. In addition to earned, organic and syndicated media coverage, the client’s brand name and research were mentioned an additional 35 times.


increase in number of keywords appearing in the top 3 search results in Google.

All tracked related keywords showed tremendous upward movement in organic search results. At the campaign onset, 46 keywords ranked in positions 1 to 3 on the first page of Google results. As of October (most recent available data), 61 keywords ranked in positions 1 to 3 – a 33% increase to the most valuable search engine ranking positions.

11,324% ROI for campaign

The total aggregate readership for this campaign was 302,333,826 and the total ad equivalency for this campaign was $1,132,386. (This is calculated using the readership, potential viewership and average ad cost of each placement. It represents how much the editorial coverage would cost as placed as advertisements.) Based on ad equivalency alone, the return on investment for this campaign is 11,324%.

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