SEO + Content Case Study

Recovered Traffic Creates 7.5% Spike in Revenue for B2C Affiliate Site

After 44 months of lost organic traffic, our SEO strategy produced 6 consecutive months of organic traffic growth, a 7.5% increase in revenue site-wide, and dramatic improvements to keyword visibility.


  • 6%

    increase in monthly traffic, for 6 months

  • 20%

    increase in impressions

  • 7.5%

    increase in revenue, site-wide

The Client

Dealnews runs a B2C affiliate website that focuses on finding online coupons and promotional codes for consumers to use across major stores and brands.

The Objective

Increase organic traffic to dealnews’ website after a nearly four years of user regression in organic sessions, while closing the keyword gaps between their legacy site and those of newer competitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy


    The problem

  • The client is a large, established affiliate website with millions of monthly users. Despite their status in the industry, their aging website and increasing number of online competitors lead to a regression in users.

    When they started their engagement with us, they had experienced double-digit losses in organic sessions month-over-month for 44 consecutive months.


    The solution

  • Large websites with dynamically generated content often have crawlability and indexing issues. Once we identified and remedied the website’s technical challenges, we developed a keyword strategy focused on competitors, and tracked residual benefits across KPI’s.

    The keyword strategy we created followed the technical updates focused on competitors. After identifying the most profitable sections of the website, we focused on commonalities across top-performing competitors and optimized our client’s site for performance.


    Why it matters

  • The impact of on-site optimizations often manifest across KPI’s. After we fixed the indexing issues that were wasting a significant amount of crawl budget, we saw a decrease in the number of pages being indexed while simultaneously increasing impressions by 20% and click-through rates by 0.4%.

    Similarly, when we implemented our keyword strategy aimed at finding the gaps between our client’s website and their competitors, we saw an average increase of 14 positions in primary keyword categories.

    While we were able to achieve our primary goal of increasing organic traffic, the strategy we employed also increased overall goal conversions important to the client.


The on-site work led to six consecutive months with greater than 6% organic growth. This was a huge win after the client experienced 44 months of organic traffic loss, prior to our engagement. Not only did we help organic traffic rebound, the increase in qualified visitors contributed to an 8% increase in goal completions across the website.


Increase in revenue, monthly.

After the consecutive months of gains in both conversions and organic traffic, the Client also experienced a 7.5% increase in revenue, monthly.

Visibility in search, specifically the first few pages of search engine results, can make or break a business. Our competitor-focused keyword strategy raised the average keyword ranking by 14 positions. This bolstered visibility contributed to a 20% increase in impressions, as well as improvements in click-through-rate (CTR) by 0.4%.

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