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44% Reduction on Cost Per Result for Specialty Coffee Provider’s Meta Ads

The type of agency you work with matters.

Former B2C client returned to Digital Third Coast after seeing poor results working with another agency for social media ad management. Upon the renewal of our engagement, the client saw record performance in just 3-6 months with ongoing improvements, monthly.


  • 44.5%

    decrease in cost per result YoY

  • 35%

    decrease in annual ad spending

  • 15%

    increase in website sales

The Client

Intelligentsia Coffee is a Chicago-grown, specialty coffee pioneer that sells direct to consumers and coffee houses nationwide.

The Objective

We set to course correct their social media advertising strategy after Intelligentsia saw poor returns working with another digital advertising agency. Starting with an audit of their account, we aimed to create an improved paid social strategy that yielded a higher return on acquisition and a lower cost per result.

Paid Media Strategy


    The problem

  • Intelligentsia’s new paid social agency partner was running advertisements on Meta at a very high cost per result. The ad campaigns were so expensive that they needed to find a way to lower the cost per result on Meta ads and turn a profit. To solve this issue, they came back to Digital Third Coast for support and strategic recommendations.


    The solution

  • Our Paid Social advertising team did a full audit of their strategy to see what was causing these costly results. We then A/B tested options to identify the best path forward: testing audiences, creating creative assets, allocating budget, and finally, utilizing new ad types.

    By segmenting and testing each section of Intelligentsia’s Meta campaign, one at a time, we could dial in and identify the best solution for each segment, gradually lowering cost per result over time.


    Why it matters

  • Prior to DTC’s efforts, Intelligentsia was not aware of their paid social benchmarks. We were able to deliver lower cost per results, while also setting benchmarks for future Intelligentsia campaigns. These benchmarks are continuously being tested to this day to see where improvements can be made MoM and YoY.

Despite spending 35% less than what was spent during the same period in 2022, we were able to generate 15% more results during this same period in 2023.


Decrease in cost per result, YoY

Our strategy was able to drive down the cost per result by 44.5% YoY. This cost per result on Meta is the lowest Intelligentsia has ever seen. Due to this low cost per result, Intelligentsia has been able to shift its ad dollars to other platforms that need additional help/spend. This has allowed Intelligentsia to see an increase of purchases while spending less ad dollars on Meta, YoY.


When Intelligentsia first came to Digital Third Coast, they were in dire need of improving cost per result, and quickly before the holidays. We were able to drive down cost per result by roughly 5% each month (44.5% YoY). This led them to establish benchmarks on Meta, building more trust with the platform while freeing up ad dollars for other pressing initiatives.

Because of our work, Intelligentsia has now started entrusting our team to test out campaign management on other social advertising platforms, such as LinkedIn. The same process of testing audiences, creative assets, budget allocation, and new ad types is set in motion. We are hopeful we will see similar successful results in the future on LinkedIn, just as we did in this case for Meta.

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