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Low-cost, high-reward: Bing Ads boost traffic 109%

Expansion of Bing strategy to include paid advertisements helped a coffee retailer reach a larger market of qualified traffic previously untapped by their high-ranking organic visibility.


  • 109%

    increase in sessions

  • 48%

    increase in revenue (from Bing)

The Client

Intelligentsia is a Chicago-grown, specialty coffee pioneer that sells direct to consumers and coffee houses nationwide.

The Objective

Increase visibility in search and revenue via paid ads by expanding their paid media strategy to include advertisements on Bing.

Paid Media Strategy


    The Problem

  • Bing is a less popular search engine, and most people overlook its conversion-driving potential. Intelligentsia’s brand power and recognition gave them solid visibility in organic search on Bing, but they thought that they were getting the greatest results in terms of sessions, revenue and conversions without advertising on the platform.


    The Solution

  • We decided to capitalize on their brand strength and run a low-cost advertising campaign on Bing to capture an even greater breadth of the coffee-buying market. By paying for advertisements we secured a larger percentage of relevant searchers, and consistently placed Intelligentsia at the top of search engine results.


    Why it Matters

  • Advertising on Bing has a much lower cost-per-click than Google Ads. For a relatively low financial investment, clients can see tremendous results.

Once we integrated Bing ads, website traffic from Bing increased by 109%, with the majority of traffic stemming from their paid advertisements.


Even though Intelligentsia ranked highly in organic search, this strategy produced a net increase in traffic by doubling up for branded and non-branded terms. The result was greater coverage in search engine results pages (SERP).


increase in revenue generated from Bing.

Once we added in Bing Ads, their conversion rate from customers on Bing increased by 69% and their overall revenue in sales from Bing (organic and paid ads) increased by 48%.

For many businesses, Bing represents an often over-looked opportunity to reach new customers. Advertisements on Bing are considerably cheaper than advertising on Google, and with the right targeting and messaging, integrating Bing Ads into a business’s paid media strategy can pay off big time.

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