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Retailer sees incredible 653% spike in revenue from Bing with ads

Introduction of paid advertisements on Bing produced impressive brand lift and increased ecommerce sales over two quarters.

The Client

Bedside Manor sells luxury home goods & bedding, both online and at three brick and mortar locations in the Chicago-land area.

The Objective

Optimize their performance in Bing by expanding beyond their reliance on organic results for conversions. By paying for advertising space in Bing, we sought to put Bedside Manor’s brand and offerings in front of a larger audience than their organic visibility secured.


  • 420%

    increase in sessions

  • 653%

    increase in revenue

Paid Media Advertising

Launch Bing Ads to expand reach of targeted audiences


    The Problem

  • While Bing is a less popular search engine, many businesses overlook the affordable advertising opportunities available. By relying on organic traffic and conversions, Bedside Manor was missing out on opportunities to scoop up qualified traffic by paying for top-position ad space for high-intent keywords.


    The Solution

  • We established a rigorous negative keyword list to minimize wasteful ad spend, and targeted Bedside Manor’s target audiences with low-cost ads. The ads placed Bedside Manor’s branding and messaging at the top of the SERPs for highly qualified customers looking for their inventory. With most users never clicking beyond the first few results in search, this tactic of essentially paying for top-placement successfully kept Bedside Manor top-of-mind and top-of-page.


    Why it Matters

  • Advertising on Bing is considerably cheaper than Google. Many businesses see Bing as a low-traffic search engine, and overlook the affordable opportunities to advertise to their target audiences. But by ignoring Bing in their paid media strategy, businesses are losing out conversion dollars by relying on organic sessions.

Website sessions originating from Bing dramatically spiked when we launched low-cost advertisements on Bing. The chart represents monthly sessions in Q1 and Q2 (before the dotted line) to monthly sessions in Q3 and Q4.

More Results

Once we developed a keyword and negative keyword list, identified Bedside Manor’s target audience, and wrote compelling ad copy, the campaign results were instant. Within the first month of the ads launching, Bedside Manor saw a 267% increase in website sessions originating from Bing’s search engine.


increase in revenue from Bing.

Not only did Bedside Manor see an increase in traffic and website sessions from clicks on their Bing Ads, they also saw an impressive lift in revenue. While Bing previously brought in some organic sales, they experienced more than a 6x increase in revenue generated from Bing customers in the six month period after ads launched.

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