SEO + Content Case Study

351% Increase in Organic Traffic After Blog Optimization Project

Content optimization, keyword research, and guidance on new blog posts resulted in a significant increase in organic blog traffic for a children’s hospital, expanding their digital footprint and positioning them as experts and thought leaders in their field.


  • 40,351

    organic sessions in one month

  • 351.5%

    increase in organic sessions YoY

  • 887%

    increase in position 1-3 keywords

The Client

The client is a non-profit medical center and nationally-ranked children’s hospital. They focus on helping patients from birth to adolescence.

The Objective

Enhance the hospital’s online presence and organic visibility, showcase industry expertise, provide helpful content for users, and drive traffic to blog pages.

SEO Strategy

Blog Optimization


    The problem

  • When the client came to us, their blog brought in very little traffic compared to other parts of their website. Despite providing valuable information for users, organic visibility significantly trailed that of industry leaders.


    The solution

  • The hospital’s existing blog posts already provided great information, but it wasn’t being seen by users searching for those topics. Our team audited each post for optimization opportunities and worked with the client to identify opportunities for new content creation based on the areas and topics they deemed a priority. Through extensive keyword research and strategic on-page recommendations we helped guide the client’s content creation process.


    Why it matters

  • In today’s digital age, most people search for healthcare information online, including when looking for a hospital or medical provider. By optimizing the hospital’s blog section, we increased their organic visibility, allowing them to be seen as industry leaders not only by their medical peers, but users/patients as well. This helps the hospital build trust and credibility in the community, improve their overall patient experience, and it helps to keep the organization competitive in the healthcare industry.

Our client saw a 1,018% increase in organic sessions to their blog over a 24 month period.

Monthly organic blog traffic since January 2021:
• January 2021 organic sessions: 3,613 (+104.6% YoY)
• January 2022 organic sessions: 8,937 (+147.4% YoY)
• January 2023 organic sessions: 40,351 (+351.5% YoY)


By creating high-quality, informative content that is optimized for users and search engines, our client saw a major increase in organic traffic to their website. January 2023 was a record-breaking month in terms of overall traffic, and 3 of the top 10 landing pages were blogs.


YoY Increase in Organic Sessions

By embracing the keyword strategy our team developed, the hospital saw a staggering 351% increase in organic sessions to their blog from January 2022 to January 2023. The optimization of their current content and our guidance on new pages helped the hospital improve its search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic.

Our team’s SEO strategy also led to an 887% increase in position 1-3 keywords (going from 46 to 454 YoY) and page 1 keywords jumped nearly 660%. By closing the page 1 keyword gap with top competitors and surpassing many of them for positions 1-3, our client established itself as a leading source of information in the industry. The work our team did will continue to help this nationally-ranked hospital provide valuable information to patients and the community, increase their online presence, and drive more traffic to their website.

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